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Nairobi 2007 www.wsf2007.org



official pages:

2006 Caracas [Venezuela] - Bamako [Mali] - Karachi [Pakistan] www.wsf2006.org

Porto Alegre 2005
Brasil, January 16-31 2005 www.forumsocialmundial.org

Mumbai 2004
[Bombay], India, January 16-21 2004 www.wsfindia.org

Porto Alegre 2003
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Porto Alegre 2002

Eur@action Hub Project http://hubproject.org/

(Discussions about the Globalisation Movement)

ESF: (Eur@action Hub Project)
article on European Social Forum in Florence 2002
Paul Treanor: Who controls the ESF?
ASF: KRRS's reservations on WSF (4/12/2002)
reply by Bernard Cassen (5/12/2002)
reply by Diañu (5/12/2002)

alternative initiatives:

critique (wsf 2001/02):
The World Social Forum isn't free from critique by grassroots movements in Brasil and beyond. Therefore this site includes a strong critique from a group based in Fortaleza (em português) which has been actively involved in S26 Global Action Day protests parallel to the World Bank/ IMF Annual Meeting in Prague:

Não iremos ao Forum "Social" Mundial! E não estamos sós!
( coletivo contra-a-corrente, Dez. 2000)
We will not go to the World "Social" Forum! And we are not alone! (rough english translation)
Porto Alegre 2002: Novamente afirmamos: Não vamos ao Fórum Social Mundial de Porto Alegre!!!
Panfleto: Considerações extemporâneas sobre a nossa não-ida ao FSM


Toward an Emancipatory Pole Within the World Social Forum Process (Peter Waterman, 5/1/2003)

WEF Davos

WEF Davos 2003
WEF New York 2002
WEF Davos 2001
WEF Davos 2000
WEF Davos 1999

World Social Forum


Regional events
European Social Forum
Athens May 2006  www.fse-esf.org
European Social Forum
London October 2004  www.fse-esf.org
autonomous space: esf2004.net
European Social Forum
Paris November 2003  www.fse-esf.org
Carribean Social Forum
August 20-24, 2003 - Cap Haitian, Haiti
Oceania Social Forum
Aotearoa/ New Zealand, April 2003
Asian Social Forum www.wsfindia.org (call)
Hyderabad, India, January 2003
European Social Forum
Florence November 2002  www.fse-esf.org
FSM Argentina Buenos Aires, August 2002

Porto Alegre 2002

Berichte bei Indymedia.de
WEF in NewYork - WSF in Porto Alegre (29.1.)
PGA & Porto Alegre (30.1.)
Brasilianische Gewerkschaften kritisieren Porto Alegre (en | 31.1.)
Porto Alegre: Übersicht (6.2.)
Porto Alegre: Torten zum Abschluß (6.2.)
Zwischenbericht vom Weltsozialforum I-III
Porto Alegre Zwischenbericht IV: Was tun? (8.2.)

Porto Alegre 2001

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