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S26 Prague Reports
& Evaluation

  1. Moviment de Resistència Global - Praga 2000 (català)
  2. Una crida a les jornades d'acció a Praga (català)
  3. Bike Caravan to Prague (10-23/9/2002)
  4. Draft Minutes from the PGA convenors meeting
  5. Walden Bello: The Prague Castle Debate: A Few Questions for Mr. Wolfensohn and Mr. Kohler
  6. Photos from the anti fascist demonstration, S23
    S26 Prague Reports
  7. Banner at the Bridge, S25
  8. Personal account by one participant in the S26 mobilization in Prague
  9. report from a Canadian postal worker in Prague
  10. One person's story of the IMF/WB protest in prague
  11. From the Streets of Prague
  12. Prague: a view from the inside
  13. Prague Diary by Boris Kagarlitsky
  14. A View on S26 Prague by MM of Glasgow
  15. Un retour sur Prague : Une journée au Convergence Center
  16. Un retour sur Prague 2000 : l'effet Seattle
  17. The Pink-and-Silver Samba Block does Prague! (EF! report)
  18. The Body As a Weapon for Civil Disobedience (The "Tutte Bianche" in Prague)
  19. After S26 - ya basta interview
  20. Prague, white overalls text. Praga, texto de los overoles blancos
  21. Une entrevue sur Prague avec quelqu'un de l'AMP(française)
  22. Entrevista com ativista ligado à AGP (português)
  23. S26 News Summary
  24. A positive evaluation of Prague
  25. "The Months After" (Prague evaluation by INPEG)
  26. "Die Monate Danach" (german trsl.)
  27. Prague Evaluation Notes
    (German Translation: ENTWURF zu einer Prag-Auswertung)
  28. Praga 2000 i la criminalització dels moviments socials (català)
  29. 9.11.: Ladronka evicted!
  • view a Videoclip "Taking over the Congress Center" here!

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IMF-WB Meetings

A16 Washington (2000)

S29 Washington (2001)

Ottawa N16-18 (2001)

Caravan "Money or Life" to Prague
(Diary, in german)
Prague Activists Map (1,5MB!)

Important note: At a meeting of Peoples Global Action future 'global actions' and struggles against globalizations have been discussed. A crucial topic has been the so called Plan Colombia, a $1,5 billion military plan for Colombia, which presumably will lead to a human and ecological inferno. For this reason a declaration was released on S26 by representants of PCN - "Process of Black Communities" - the black communities as the poorest are the most suffering part of Colombian people under this war - in Prague which you can read here! (backgrounds)