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Silver-Pink March

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I've been participant of the Silver-Pink March — therefor I can present a more detailed report ...

At the recent international Prague meeting in August the consensous has been passed that we'll start with a common big march with a parcour which would be quite "legual". From this march clusters can split up to walk from different directions to the Congress Center.

That there have been just three marches - a blue, yellow and pink - is a scuttlebutt - unfortunately reportet at many Prague S26 reports. Of course - originally there have been planned three marches: a blue, a yellow and a red one (which was called "pink" before; this might have led to the confusion). These three marches actually have been the main ones. The silver-pink march was decided last minute (a few days before S26). And it has been the smallest one. But as I consider it has been the most attractive. Finally we have been definetively four marches.

The silver-pink march splittet up from the beginning (while the others followed the agreed parcour) and reached the Congress Center at first — from the south site (the opposite site to the starting point of the march). Cause the other marches planned to come from the north site we have been the group which closed the circle around the Congress Center entirely

We've been about 400 Samba playing people from different countries - alot from EF! (Earth First!)/ UK - and we gathered at first in a park closed to Namesti Miru.

When I arrived in Prague on Saturday, S23, by train, I just heard the Samba Band exercising in the Convergence Center (a meeting place for "Prague activists"closed to the railway)

The silver-pink march arrives at Namesti Miru - trsl.: "peace square" - where a group of activists involved in 'Peoples Global Action' did join us. By this way we've been the most international — no, the most intercontinental march. I belive that all Continents have been represented.

In front of us a big banner was carried: "Samba!" (At Namesti Miru)

awaiting the start of the march people danced to Samba rhythms... The start hold up cause the order of march was changed spontaneously: "Ya Basta", the inspiring group from Milan which had organized successfull protests in Italy with its "tutti bianchi" (white overalls) should go at the top, cause the train of Italian activists has been stopped at the czech border a few days before.

arriving the main south access to the Congress Center we've been "welcomed" by a ligne of riot police - awaiting the red march people continued to dance samba in front of the police

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