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Tour of PCN
in Europe
May-June 2006

Tour of PCN
in Europe
January-June 2001

Plan Colombia
(Proceso de Comunidades Negras)

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updates: Noticias Cronológicas

In September 2000, while thousands of demonstrators beseiged successfull the annual meeting of Worldbank and IMF in Prague, there was a global PGA Convenors meeting where representants of the Process of Black Communities (PCN) released a declaration to draw attention to a new quality of the Colombian war veiled behind the so called "Plan Colombia". Herewith we have compiled a few basics from various sources (contents)

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Informations on the « Plan Colombia » (Contents) and its impacts on the people of Colombia and beyond, suffering below killings and displacements. Especially this site informes you about the Black Communities, organized within the PCN (Process of Black Communities [map]), which belongs together with the Indigenas and the (small) Farmers to the most affected groups.  Press Pack
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October 27 - November 1 2002:
7th FTAA Ministerial Meeting

Quito, Ecudoar

September 16 2002: Nation-wide agrarian protest "for food souvereignity and against the FTAA"
March 2002: Camp Ecuador
December 2001: Letter to Pastrana

sample letter to the Colombian president based on the letter sent by the Colombia-Canada Solidarity Campaign. It is best to send it by fax (the number is included)
December 2001: Massacres in Colombia: model letter


Main Objectives:

Links to other Pages on Plan Colombia

Indymedia Colombia:
Indymedia Ecuador:
Stop Plan Colombia (en from NL):
Stop Plan Colombia (de from AT):
Caravana Internacional por la Vida en el Sur de Bolívar
Human Rights organisation:
updates about human rights violations and massacres (en/ ca):
Plan Colombia and the fumigations (SOA watch; en/ ca):
official website of Colombian State oil company. Updates and maps with oil concessions:
Washington Office on Latin America

Documentos sobre Comunidades Negras

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Urgent Actions & Struggles
Bolivia | Ecuador

In Prague we decided to create mailing lists for the Plan Colombia. Actually we have lists in three languages: - english
(subscribe: - castellano
(subscribe: - deutsch

Plan Colombia: Basics

Plan Colombia - beach head of the USA Empire in South America (25/1/2005)
ALCA/FTAA - Plan Puebla-Panamá - Plan Colombia
PGA European Conference, Leiden 2/9/2002
Civil Conflict and Indigenous Peoples in Colombia
Accompaniment in Colombia 2002 (castellano)
While the people are drowning in misery due to the neoliberal politics, the resistance is growing provoking alarm for the global capital. In a consultative document from the US (Santa Fe 4), this situation was presented as a threat to its national security, and with this to world security; especially using the example of the growing mobilisation of indigenous Ecuadorians and Bolivians as a danger.
Nunca Más - Crimes against Humantiy in Colombia 2002
The great challenges, that the Colombian reality faces today, are marked by a systematic process of human rights violations. These constitute the basic background in which the work of defending human rights comes closer to the search processes of a political way out of the present internal social and armed conflict. In our view, one of the factors that determines the continuity and deepening of this human rights crisis mostly is the IMPUNITY.
Plan Colombia (from the castellano mailinglist)
Plan Colombia and the United States
what is the plan colombia? (from a french collective, June 2000)
U.S. Fuelling the Fires in Colombia by Héctor Mondragón, December 2000
Drugs and Peace in Colombia (TNI; January 2001)
Megaprojects and Neocolonialisation in Colombia (Jan 2001)
Plan Chiapas 2000 - Plan Colombia (February 2001; [castellano; engl. summary])
another text on Plan Colombia (by Carlos Fazio)
Press Pack (Press releases, pictures, background information)

Plan Puebla Panama   more

Invitacion II Foro sobre el PPP en Guatemala (7.11.)
Convocatoria Foro PLAN PUEBLA-PANAMA, en Guatemala (ca)
Photos of the Forum and protests in Guatemala (nov. 2001)

PLAN PUEBLA – PANAMÁ: Un proyecto de “desarrollo”.... ¿para quién? (December 2001)
Plan Puebla-Panama, Plan Colombia, Plan Dignity in Bolivia, FTAA - castellano (working group, Cochabamba, Sept. 2001)
Links to other pages on plan Puebla Panama
New Corporate Development from Southeastern Mexico to Panama

Fumigations/ Biological Weapons

Press Pack (May 2001)
Biowar in the Andes (CounterPunch; June 2000)
Monsanto, US War on Drugs Poison Environment (Corporate Watch, November 2000
Biowar against Drugs in Central Asia (17 Jan 2001)
"driven mad by itch" (about fumigations) (28 Dec 2000)

Displacement & Massacres

advance notice Film: Massacre de Santo Domingo 09/1998
Popayan, Cauca: We struggle for Housing and a dignified Life

PCN - "Process of Black Communities"

The war in Columbia, killing and displacement of the black population
(Declaration by PCN - "Process of Black Communities", Prague, S26 2000)
traduction française - übersetzung ins deutsche - castellano

Plan Colombia & PCN (January 2001)
Proposal to act in Europe and beyond (December 8 2000)
pcn in geneva / pcn en ginebra (December 14 2000)
comunicado del Proceso de Comunidades Negras (2 de Febrero de 2002)
english: solidarity call by Black Communities Colombia
Mision de Observacion a la Situación de las Comunidades Afrodescendientes en Colombia (junio de 2002)
complete version (as Word Document)

Nando Alvarado Aguirrez "el mayor de Río..." (Agosto de 2002)

Tour of PCN in Europe

Draft of the Tour   table (update: 9.4.2001)

summary of Tour and situation (25.10.2000)
Letter of the PCN-Tour
Düsseldorf: Feedback from Germany (23 Jan 2001)
PCN à Dijon (français) (January 2001)
PCN à Paris (français) (9-13 feb 2001)
Report of the PCN Tour in a few cities in Germany and Switzerland(16 February 2001)
PCN in London (evaluation) (up from febr 28 2001)
PCN in Scotland (28-30 March 2001)
PCN evaluacion de la gira en Madrid (castellano y inglés)
Summary of the European evaluation Meeting (Milan, 23 March 2001)


U.S. Bus Tour on Plan Colombia April - June 2001

Canadian Tour

"invisible popular struggles - A Canadian Tour"
Background on Representatives of Invisible Popular Struggles Tour
A Concerted Platform for Solidarity with Colombia (17 Feb 2001)
Safety of Invisible Struggles Tour Delegation (26 March 2001)

Actions against Plan Colombia in Europa

Take Action against the Plan Colombia (April 2001)
dutch consulate occupied in Dijon (March 2001)

CitiBank Action, Geneva, May 2001

Action in Geneva vs. Plan Colombia(9.5. 2001)
Flyer: Colombia massacres: a proposition
Fax from the City BANK

Actions in Freiburg, June 2001

Banner at the Tower of the Minster (June 9, 2001)
Flyer (german)   Press Release (german)

simultaneous action in France:
Occupation de la CRCI de Bourgogne

Action in The Hague, June 2001


PGA Meeting, Genoa, July 2001

meeting about Colombia during PGA meeting (11.) 12./13.7.2001

Plan Colombia/ PCN & FTAA

Military intervention at the hands of the FTAA (February 2001)
Colombia, on the road to Quebec City (16 Feb 2001)
ALCA/FTAA (A20 2001 Quebec | October 2002 Ecuador | Analysis)

march of indians & farmers against displacements
Cauca, Colombia, May 2001

Caravana Internacional por la Vida en el Sur de Bolívar