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Corporation for community development Popayan, Cauca, Colombia, Latin América

Por Jesús Delgado (from Green Pepper)

In Colombia the struggle for opportunities, work, health, education and housing is permanent due to the inequality, the bad distribution of wealth and exploitation.

On behalf of 2500 families, we took the initiative and began a process of struggle, to demand our elementary rights, by direct occupation of privately owned terrain and various kinds of property of the state: areas that were not giving any service to the community. We have been living in 'houses' constructed of materials of plastic, wood and old cartons for over two and a half years . With the cold and the bad weather, the children are especially easy victims in these conditions of defenselessness. This is where the most elementary of human rights are violated.

The response of the municipal and national government to this grave problem has always been a repressive one. These consist of violent evictions of the families in the settlements, as well as detentions, threats, violently assaulting peaceful protestors who have already been dispersed by tear-gas and police forces, all the while forgetting the grave social problems that we endure.

Today, thanks to the perseverance of the homeless ('without a roof') families and their leaders we have shaped a corporation, hoping to achieve recognition as an organisation worthy of local, national and international attention.

Today we continue living in subhuman conditions with no clear response from the municipal government to the problems of homelessness. This despite the fact that the corporation has elaborated a plan of life with the participation of the community. The plan of life makes comprehensive proposals for the short medium and long term problems in healthcare, education, work and housing.

We want to let the world know that in Popayán-Colombia-South America, as in all our long-suffering country, there are families fighting for a better and worthy future for our children, using our ideas and the political constitution of Colombia as our only weapons. We hope that you will help us in spreading the knowledge of our problem and supporting us. We want others to know that we exist.

In fraternity,
Jesus Delgado - Joint Director of the Homeless' Corporation

"We fight for housing and a dignified life"
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