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Feedback from Germany:
100 participants in Düsseldorf
Tue, 23 Jan 2001

Dear all !

On the week end of January 19th-21th there was a networking gathering of groups, individuals and networks from all around Germoney. More than 100 people converged in Duesseldorf to exchange ideas, get to you know each other and discuss new perspectives.

The meeting had been convened by a few different groups and initiatives, among others with the idea to have some exchange and do some networking before the european PGA meeting in Milano.

The following is just a personal insight into the meeting from my perspective just to give you an idea of what is going on here, others are welcome to complete this report.

The people present in Duesseldorf represented a spectrum ranging from libertarian groups, environmental activists, anti-fascists.......rather diverse, but still lacking some important sectors. Momentum has been gathered around the protest activities against the EXPO in Hannover last year and in the run up to the mobilisation to Prag S26. Several new groups, initiatives and communication structures have popped up. An understanding of working in horizontal spaces in respect of diversity and autonomy is taking shape.

Considering how weak left/libertarian activism has been in Germany in the last years, these signs are promising and a significant improvement.

The topics discussed in working groups and plenaries during the week end included : european networking, from Chiapas to Prag, Plan Colombia (with two representatives of the Black Communities Process PCN), utopias, direct action network, decision making, upcoming actions....There was also a parallel meeting for the creation of an IMC( Independent Media Centre) in Germany which took place in Hamburg. The minutes and results of these discussions will be compiled into a reader soon.

Unfortunately the meeting was unable to significantly consolidate common strategies, communication structures etc, but some important steps in that direction were made. Let's see how things develop.

There will be two nuclear waste transport (castor) in March this year, including one to Gorleben (a region with an old tradition of resistance against nuclear waste transports) which seems will be one of the focus of activists in the upcoming months. The IMC Germany will be launched around these activities.

The European PGA meeting in Milan is known to everyone. There seems to be quite some interest for people to come, so count on a solid participation from Germoney.

A Tour of two members of the PCN Black Communities Process is currently going round through Germany, visiting many cities and contributing to the process of networking.

Many different discussions are happening. In general people are questioning the mobilisations to big events like Prag or Davos, trying to discuss new forms of expression, new forms of international solidarity and sustained action. The creation of autonomous spaces combined with an analyses of economic, political and social restructuring in Europa was a successfull discussion too. A group from Goettingen called 'Schoener Leben' will post a discussion essay on this list related to "the necessity and the possibilities to include criticism towards capitalism in the worldwide movement against Neoliberalism and Globalisation".

There seems to be a growing understanding that perceiving the resistance in a global context is a necessity.

ok all for now, more soon


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