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solidarity call by Black Communities Colombia


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>From the Black Communites Process - Colombia

February 13th 2002

Communiqué to the national and international public opinion

We request national and international solidarity to materially support the Black  
Communities in Resistance in the Colombian Pacific Coast. In front of the threat of  
massacre, the Afrocolombian population has decided not to abandon their collective  

On February 12th, neighbouring communities report the incursion of more than 400  
paramilitary in the region, announcing that they will enter in these rivers “with blood
and fire to get rid of the guerilla”.

The Black Communities of the rivers Naya, Cajambre, Yurumanguí and Raposo have  
been threatened with massacre and displacement from their collective territories by the 
 end of November 2001 by the paramilitary forces.  

The resistance of the Black Communities begun 500 years ago. It has been a  
permanent struggle for the defence of our territories, for the survival of our culture and  
the practice of our autonomy. About 10 years ago, some rights to identity,  
participation, development and collective land owning of the traditional lands were  
codified in the Colombian Constitution of 1991.  But unfortunately, these lands which  
are located in one of the planets richest jungles has become a zone of strategic  
interests for national and international capital. 

Despite the threats and the paramilitary presence in all the rivers, the communities of  
the Communitarian Council of the Yurumanguí River decided to remain on its ancestral 
 lands. Resisting on these lands against the projects of national and international  
capital which have been implemented or that they want to implement in our spaces of  

In Decembre 2000 the first massacre in the Naya river was being announced. The  
population requested protection and action by the Colombian government to avoid the  
imminent killings. Despite these efforts and the call to the Interamerican Commission  
of Human Rights for the adoption of measures to protect these communities, the  
Colombian State did absolutely nothing, and in April 10th-13th, the paramilitary AUC 
(So  called united self defence) made a massacre leaving 130 dead black, indigenous 
and  farmers; and the subsequent displacement of more than 3.000 people. By the end 
of  April, in another announced killing they assassinated y dismembered 7 habitants 
with  an axe in the river side El Firme, right by the end of the Yurumanguí river. 1000 
people  were displaced due to this.  

In November 2001 the Colombian authorities were again warned about the possibility of 
 new aggressions by the paramilitary on the communities of the rivers Nava, Cajambre, 
 Yurumanguí and Raposo. The AUC (paramilitary) announced that they would  
”celebrate” Christmas with a massacre and displacement of the black population of the 
 rivers. The Colombian government has been pressured both on national and  
international level to take action to protect all these communities and their territories,  
but given the facts there are no guarantees that these measures are being taken and  
efficiently implemented. On the contrary the pressure by the paramilitary on the
communities and the activists is continuously increasing. 

In the Yurumanguí river was the site of the Palenque [1] known as “Desparramado”.
Besides the strategic and environmental value in terms of natural resources, it has a
cultural and symbolic significance for its inhabitants and their lives.  

In order to resist, the inhabitants of the Yurumanguí need more political pressure on  
the Colombian government, international presence here and material support to survive  
this challenge. There is enough food here, but we are in need of large pots, petrol,  
plastic tarpaulin, pocket lights and batteries, lighters, medicines and blankets.  

As it is difficult and complex to send materials for international solidarity, we request  
instead the collection of funds if possible.  

Please send contributions in dollars to the United States to the following bank 
Banco de Bogotá 
Account: 034230987 
In case of complications you can contact us at 

Proceso de Comunidades Negras en Colombia (PCN) 
Black Communities Process in Colombia 

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