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.Peoples' Global Action - US BUS TOUR

  • Why is the'war on drugs' a war on people?
  • Why should Plan Colombia be stopped?
  • What is the relationship between the criminalization of people in poor, working class, and communities of color in north and Latin america?

Tentative dates
April 20th though June 22nd, 2001
At a location near you?

This bus tour brings together activists from some of the most revolutionary organizations of Latin America who have begun to create non-violent alternatives to capitalism, as well as representatives of Black, Latino, and working class organizations who are fighting against the criminalization of poor communities and communities of color here in the US. The tour will focus on Plan Colombia (the "War on Drugs") and how this is an attack on the peoples movements of Latin America ( particularly but not only Colombia), and how this attack comes from the same place as those who criminalize communities of color and poor working class communities in the US. Speakers will focus on how the US government uses 'the war on drugs' to attack these communities and create 'de facto' structural adjustment areas in the US. Linking the military and economic aspects of Plan Colombia to globalization and corporate and national interests, speakers will discuss how the military aspect of Plan Colombia is the other "arm" of "trade law" globalization. They will discuss how this is the same 'arm' of repression that is being used in communities of color, indigenous communities, and working class communities in the US.

There are corporate contractors now running "welfare to work programs" and private prison systems in over ten states in the US who are also major military contractors providing the weapon systems (under US government subsidies) for Plan Colombia. These weapons are designated to kill Latin America people that are fighting the same programs, corporations, and governments that we here in the US are fighting. Speakers will link the US Federal Government program of "Weed and Seed" (a racist federal program that exists in over 120 neighborhoods of color in the US *) to the policies of war being used in Latin America under the Plan Colombia.

The tour will also discuss the privatization of water and land and how Plan Columbia is being used to consolidate resources for the large multi-national corporations. From the use of genetically engineered defoliants in Colombia, to the attempts to destroy the Uwa people, to the racial discrimination of Black farmers in the US and their fight for land rights - are there links? Come hear and learn.

At each stop on the tour, our goal is to bring together youth groups, peace groups, religious groups, people of color organizations, anti-police brutality groups, anti-racism groups, anti-globalization groups, indigenous groups, and labor (just to name a few) to build the Americas' day of action, to build support for the north american pga meeting, and to build an ongoing network of radical/progressive groups to stop Plan Colombia and the criminalization of poor, working class, and communities of color in the US.

The bus tour will leave from Tampa, FL for an around the US tour! If your group is interested in participating in this tour please contact or join the list serve at (please include only the word "subscribe" without quotes in body of the letter).

Help build for the joint Latin American and north american direct actions to stop Plan Colombia and to stop the criminalization of people in poor, working class, and communities of color in north and Latin america!"

In every city where there is opposition to Plan Colombia and the criminalization of communities of color and working class communities, there would be direct actions exposing that the war on drugs is nothing but a war on peoples movements.

Participating groups from Latin America:

Proceso de Comunidades Negras: PCN have played a key role in the creation of the Afro-American network and in its involvement in international processes of coordinated resistance.
ANUC-UR - Colombia - National Association of Peasants
ONIC - Colombia - Indigenous Peoples Federation
Seis Federaciones del Trópico; one of the most active resistance movements in Bolivia right now; they participated in the recent battle for water which reversed the privatization plans of the government. They will host the 3rd PGA conference
Movimiento de la Juventud Kuna; the youth movement of the Kuna people of Panama, one of the first Latin American indigenous peoples to obtain self-governance.
Confederación de Nacionalidades Indígenas del Ecuador (CONAIE): the backbone of indigenous organizing in Ecuador for decades; the main peasant movement in Ecuador, strongly involved in the take-over of the Parliament in January 2000.
Central Sandinista de Trabajadores (CST) / Federación Nacional del Trabajo (FNT): the CST is part of the FNT, a major union federation in Nicaragua.
US groups to be announced shortly ---

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