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Plan Colombia

There will be the 16th of June a "Table of donators" where representatives from all the european countries must give to the colombian government a position to see whether or not they will support the Plan Colombia. This Plan Colombia is a plan for war behind its title of Plan for "peace , prosperity and the reinforcement of the state".It was created by USA senateurs involved in the war equipment industry , and the colombian president. It was kept hidden from the colombian congress violating constitutional laws.

This plan will be a "war against drugs" but it will not even touch the mafia. It will only be a war against the peasants who plant the coca or amapola , it will deplace them for the rest of their lives from regions that will be totally destroyed by fumigations done with lethal chemiclas that affect the health of the peole that live there , that destroy the ecosystems of the places where the ilegal plantations are done , which are usually places in the Amazon , a patrimony of humanity which everyone says wants to protect.

This Plan is also a war against the guerilla , but won't even touch the paramilitaries which make part of the mafia, the corrupt government and its army and who are one of the most important reasons why this country has so many massacres and violations of human rights. It will not touch this people because with them the multinatinal enterprises have big proyects where they just want that there are no peasants so they can have easy access to this land.

The part for Europe in this Plan is the "humanitarian" cause , but all colombian and international ONGs together with people (usually exiles that left Colombia harrassed by paramilitaries) who really know about the theme and its effects have been trying to inform the european governmets to prevent them from supporting this Plan.

Anyone interested in receiving more information about this , in receiving articles to re publish them, in translating documents about the subject so more people can be informed , anyone who can denounce in radios or by doing manifestations in embassies or in simply joining the comittes that are being formed in all european countries , are welcome to contact us:


Plan Colombia