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Prague Evaluation Notes

Notes from General Debrief and Evaluation Meeting September 26 Mobilization
(german translation)


What we could have done better:

Mobilization Infrastructure


Consensus Decision Making/ Affinity Group
Functioning/Spokescouncil Model




Violence vs Nonviolence

Low Mobilization Numbers/Border Situation
why were the numbers so low?
Why did we not anticipate the border reaction?
Needed to publicize Dresden Camp and alternate action plan for those turned away at border



Czechs were afraid of the responsibility and the aftermath of S26

Need a more open and accountable system

Art and Puppets/Banners
needed more, needed convergence space to create them many signs and banners were unclear, needed more art

Openness/ Paranoia/ Hierarchy/ Non Hierarchy
Tactical Planning was slowed by openess question: how can we effectively plan a mass action and still keep some degree of security and secrecy about our plans?
Should we just be completely open under the assumption that there will always be infiltrators? Paranoia stopped discussion

the intense fear of infiltration prevented people from being open about their plans. how can we work with the assumption that we are infiltrated and not let that stop us from organizing effectively?

How do we as non-hierarchical organization, open to everyone, deal with hierarchical organizations who we invite to our mobilization, come to consensus decision making meetings, push the decision their way, then expect us to do all the mobilizing work on the ground?
Should they send some paid organizers?

What we did well:

what to do in future

-focus more on education.

-focus on what we are for

-other stuff

S26 Prague
S26 Global Action Day