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Red March

... sorry there's actually no Report or Pics from the "Red" March but I'll tell you what I know about...

There was a bit confusion about the number of the marches. At the last international Meeting we agreed about THREE marches, a blue, a yellow and a pink. But actually there have been FOUR ones.

The Silver-Pink March was decided "last minute" a few days before S26. It was the smallest and it took its own way, without joining the common march to get as fast as possible at the south side of the Congress Center.

The "Red" March did follow nearly (but not equal) the same way, but late after the Silver-Pink March. It was the March originally defined as "Pink" - which may have lead to the confusion. While the Silver-Pink March was participated by the Samba-Band as well as people involved in PGA the "Red" march did consist mainly of socialist groups.

When the Silver-Pink March did arrived the main south access to the Congress Center we did wait quite an hour for the arrival of the "Red" March.

The difference between these marches you can also realize at the S26 Activists Prague Map.

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