Re: KRRS's reservations on WSF

Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 00:05:17 +0100
From: Bernard Cassen

letter by KRRS
reply by Diañu

Dear friends,

Let me react to the quotations that are being used as an argument not to participate in the WSF.

It seems that French irony completely evaporates when translated into English. No French-speaking reader ever misinterpreted my remarks about Bush and Attac, as well as those on trade. Everyone knows that Attac is a fierce opponent of US present policies (we are constantly being labelled as "anti-American") and that the fight against The WTO and GATS is one of our main campaigns. We have dozens of documents

As to Cohn Bendit, he in no way represents Attac Germany of which I am not quite sure he is still a member.

So please do not take these quotations out of ther context and draw the wrong conclusions. Our enemies never made that mistake. I do hope you will reconsider your decision as regards the WSF.


Bernard Cassen

Bernard Cassen est journaliste et directeur général du "Monde diplomatique".
1, avenue Stephen Pichon, 75013 Paris.
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Bernard Cassen est également professeur émérite à l'Institut d'études européennes de l'université Paris 8.
Il a récemment dirigé la publication de "Tout sur Attac 2002" et "Attac au Zénith" (Editions 1001 Nuits, Paris, 2002).

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