We will not go to the World "Social" Forum"!
And we are not alone!

From: coletivo contra-a-corrente www.contraacorrente.hpg.ig.com.br
Date: Thuesday, December 6 2000

Dear Comrades

We will not go to the self-proclamated World Social Forum. Within our community there is a "consensus" about that this Forum is an attempt of sectors of the traditional left, the old established and burocratic left, to take over the struggle against capitalist "globalization" within a perspective of national development. This is a left which desires a "humanized" capitalism; which whants to "socialize" the market; which whants to govern the State. It's not for ... [toa] which will be realized in Porto Alegre, elected, by the way, as permanent capital of the event, it is the laboratory of the official left governments in our country, with the Socialist Party at the head.

The Forum is an articulation, comming from the Catholic Conference of Bishops (CNBB), passing by the degraded CUT [Union], the parties of the institutional left, the MST (landless movement) until corporate organizations.

The structure of the Forum is hierarchical, verticalized, like the events of the burocratic left. Speakers/ conferrees at one hand, and, at the other, public spectators. You will not see nothing of our horizontal, democratic, autonomous experiences, organized from the grassroot level, like at N30, Mayday2K, S26 and others. By the way its true to say: No one of the groups which are organizing the WSF did ever participate the global action days against capitalism!!! They will not feel god: what they know to do are old congresses of "representantes" which are representing nothing, demonstrations which appear rather as "showmíios" [?], election campaigns more esthetizised than these of traditional parties of the bourgoisie...

What do they whant to do with this Forum

  1. To appropriate a struggle which they do not participate: the global action days against capitalism;
  2. To absorb an anticapitalist criticism in a way of a project of the capitalist administration, whose central aim is the illusion of a policy of "national development":
  3. To catapult themselves to be elected like an alternative to the government.

We will not go to the World Social Forum. With us is the maiority (or all) of the groups which have participated the battles against the farce of 500 years, the global action days, which have rejected the burocracy and the participation at the 2nd American Encuentro for Humanity and against Neoliberalism.

coletivo contra-a-corrente

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