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Pre N30 Events

Geneva: 16th November - WTO Occupied!

27 persons, aided by as many outside (who were blocking the traffic) occupied the WTO headquarters at 12.30pm. One group, posing as " visitors " occupied the main hall and chained themselves to the main stair leading to Moore's office with a banner saying "No Commerce, no Organisation: Self-management!". Another, slipping past the controls occupied the roof of the building and deployed two huge banners saying : WTO kills people - Kill the WTO ! " and " Moore aux tyrans ". ( This is a pun in french meaning " death to the tyrants " and "Moore belongs to the tyrans "). One of the occupants beamed pictures of the occupation out directly onto the internet from a portable installation. Another sent this communiqué directly out by fax from an office of WTO! After more than two hours of occupation, the police evacuated the demonstrators, without arrests or even identity controls. Visibly the direction of WTO didn't want to make a martyrs out of people who would immediately become very popular!

New Delhi, India: Adivasis Occupy World Bank Premises in New Delhi - Protest against the Destruction of Livelihoods and the Environment by the World Bank and the WTO:
More than 300 Adivasis [i.e. indigenous peoples] from the Indian state of Madya Pradesh, representing all mass-based Adivasi movements, jumped over the fence of the World Bank building on the 24th of November at 12:00. They blocked the building, covering it with posters, grafitti, cow shit and mud, sang slogans and traditional songs at the gate, and went back only after Mr. Lim, country director of the World Bank in India, went out to receive an open letter signed by all their movements.
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Manila: 24th November 1999
Anti-ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) demonstrators were beaten by riot police and had water cannon spray used against them during a protest rally outside the Philipphine International Converntion Center in Manila, the venue for the 3rd ASEAN informal summit and preparatory meetings. The rally was held against ASEAN's fasttrack trade and investment liberalization.

Greece: Protestors clashed with riot police throughout the day and night after demonstrations outside the US embassy. The protests were about a wide range of issues including world trade.

New York, USA: There was a demonstration against the World Trade Organization at 44th Street in New York's Times Square Friday, Nov. 26, 1999. The protestors had erected a two-story tripod in the busy intersection, bringing traffic to a standstill and drawing a large crowd on the one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

PGA US Caravan 28/10/1999 | 29/10/1999

Padua, Italy: November 27th, 1999
A peaceful demo in front of the GMO Exhibition "Bionova" - attended by the top managers of GMO companies - was wildly attacked by the police, twice.

N30 Reports around the globe

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Argentina: Buenos Aires Australia: Brisbane Bangladesh Bolivia (?) Brasil: Santos Canada: Ottawa - Quebec - Toronto Columbia Czech Republic: Prague England: Halifax - Leeds - London - Manchester - Newbury - Totnes France: Avesne-sur-helpe - Dijon - Lille - Toulouse Germany: Bad Oldesloe - Berlin - Bochum - Braunschweig - Erfurt - Hamburg - Hannover - Krefeld - Marburg - Munich - Tübingen Greece Iceland India: Bangalore - Narmada - New Dehli N29/ N30 Ireland: Limerick Israel Italy: Arezzo - Milan N27/ N30 - Padua - Rome Korea Luxembourg Mexico Nepal Netherlands: Schiphol New Zealand: Aotearoa - Wellington Nicaragua Nigeria (?) Pakistan: Multan Panama (?) Philippines: Bacolod - Iloilo - Manila N24/ N30 Portugal: Lisbon - Porto Spain: Madrid Swizerland: Geneva - Zürich USA: Amherst - Anaheim, Ca - Atlanta - Baltimore - Boston - California - Chicago - Dallas - Eugene,Or - Fort Worth - Houston - Kalamazoo,Mi - Los Angeles - Nashville - Nevada City,Ca - New York - Philadelphia - Salt Lake City - San Antonio - Seattle - Washington Wales: Bangor - Cardiff

Global Action Days

Geneva: November 27th, 1999
Two columns of demonstrators, almost 2000 farmers and 3000 city dwellers from all over Switzerland met in the center of Geneva this afternoon to march on the WTO headquarters. The farmers, who gathered in front of the United Nations building, came at the call of all of the Swiss farmers associations (small farmers of the Union des Producteurs Suisses, but also the larger union Union des Paysans Suisses and the Chambers of Agriculture). Having fought hard, but all alone against the founding of SeattleWTO, many had become discouraged, but falling prices, bankruptcies and the new menaces in Seattle brought them into town again today. Many also found some new hope in the fact that today there is a movement of resistance to WTO in cities too. Several of their speakers also referred to the passage of the 500 farmers from the South of the InterContinental Caravan as a living proof that people all over the world are facing the same problems and finding the same courage refuse the deadly logic of profit of the multinationals.
Meanwhile, city people, called by a Coordination against the Millenium Round, were gathering in the heart of the international banking district. This starting point had been chosen to point out that the international banking system is at the heart of globalisation. The profits extorted from working people all over the world are centralised in such places and transformed into the capitalists most powerful weapon against those very peoples struggles. Demonstrators had come from Berne, Basel, Lausanne and other cities. Supporters of People's Global Action of course, but also of the ATTAC network and of some twenty other organisations and associations. The civil servants union in particular made a particular effort to mobilise, knowing that the future of public education and health services could well be endangered in Seattle. For Geneva (only 300 000 inhabitants), this was a major demonstration, proving that the riots that had marked the last WTO summit meeting had not scared or confused the people. Young, old, children, peasants, punks, professors and just plain people marched and mixed cheerfully, while the riot police - dressed to kill as usual - waited in vain. WTO is now recognised more and more widely as an enemy of the people. Today's meeting between peasants and city demonstrators (probably the first such junction in swiss history) was an important step to prepare the long struggle ahead.

Milan, Italy: 27 November 1999
A large number of people from the anarchist/ Social Centers area joins a grassroot trade union demonstration (not about n30) and gives it a strong anti-globalization character, sensibilizing the workers at the demo about the dangers of speculative "free" trade and about the "Valzer round" in Seattle. The idea is quite successful, and workers and squatters are - for once - again united against WTO.
Meanwhile, a group of "White Coveralls" (direct action group from the zapatist/ social centers area) occupied the first and foremost McDonald's in Milan, in piazza S. Babila, locking themselves on the building facade, hanging enormous banners which denounced neoliberism and its effects and distributing flyers to the amused passers-by in the irrealistic scenario created by the music of the "Banda degli ottoni a scoppio", a squatter music band playing popular music.
The action, undisturbed by the police, lasted a couple of hours and ended when the grassroot trade union demo entered the San Babila square. Then, in a sort of triumph, one representative of the White Coveralls spoke to the demonstrants.
After that, the White Coveralls showed up in the city-wide meeting for the closure of the prison camps for migrants, which was going on at the same time, with a wide McDonald banner hanged upside down to symbolize the non-food served by this multinational of rubbish food.

France at Weekend: 75,000 people in 80 different cities in France take to the streets protesting at the dictatorship of the markets and the WTO. On 25 Nov. 5000 French farmers with their sheep, ducks and goats, feasted on regional products under the Eiffel tower in protest at the impact of trade liberalisation. On Tuesday, 800 miners clashed with cops, ransacking a tax office and burning cars in 2 towns in eastern France. Some more 5000 people also protested in other French cities, peacefully besieging McDonalds for example... Unfortunately, the movement didn't get much attention of the mainstream media, especially TV. But I have to admit that some of "top" journalists were the target of some prostesters, for contributing to spreading the neoliberal "dogma". See

New Dehli, India: Action against the WTO and the Maheshwar dam in New Delhi 500 women and men from the Maheshwar area of the Narmada valley arrived on the 29th of November to New Delhi in order to participate in a 3-days Dharna (sit-in) at Raj Ghat. Their actions had two specific targets: the collusion of Indian industrial interests, diverse multinational corporations and the German state to build up a dam in Maheshwar, which would have devastating local impacts, and the WTO regime, for the equally vandalistic and insidious dispossession that it creates globally.
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Tuesday November 30th:

Brisbane, Australia: - Activists protested against the World Trade Organisation (WTO) outside the Brisbane Stock Exchange. Protest spokesman Brendan Greenhill said speakers covered issues including international workers' rights, the labelling of genetically modified foods and how WTO bans threaten food labelling. "The WTO has the authority to overrule any national law and community standard anywhere in the world in the name of profits and is using it," Greenhill said. "Decisions which are being considered are the overturning of a European ban on asbestos by Canadian producers and the contested ban on Canadian salmon by Tasmanian workers."

Manila, Phillipines: Thousands of left-wing union members and activists rally at the U.S. embassy and near the Malacanang presidential palace agains Philippine membership in the World Trade Organization. Some 8,000 people attended the rallies in front of the U.S. Embassy and other places in Manila, police said. The activists chanted slogans against the World Trade Organisation's meeting in Seattle, which starts this week, saying the talks could lead to unneeded food imports and a drop in local farmers' incomes.
Thousands of people also attended rallies in the cities of Bacolod and Iloilo in the central Philippines, witnesses said. In Iloilo, rallyists protested against the 1995 Mining Act, which allows 100 percent foreign equity in local projects but has been challenged by tribespeople who say natural resources are a heritage that should not be exploited by overseas companies. The Supreme Court has yet to resolve the case. The Bacolod rally protested against President Joseph Estrada's plans to amend the constitution to allow for greater foreign investment, witnesses said.
Tuesday was a public holiday in the Philippines to commemorate the 136th birth anniversary of working class hero Andres Bonifacio, who led the fight for independence from colonial rulers Spain in the late 19th century. Left-wing activists usually mark the day with protests

NewDehli, India: A group of 10 representatives of Narmada Bachao Andolan (Save the Narmada Movement, NBA) and supporters (including the internationally acclaimed writer Arundhati Roy, winner of the Booker Prize) went into the German embassy in the morning to deliver the more than 11.000 protest postcards written by people from the Maheshwar area. They were arrested for 2 hours due to a foolish regulation according to which 10 persons are too many people to enter the embassy, while 100 other NBA activists protested outside the embassy, holding banners and placards with slogans against the dam and the WTO, such as "WTO Regime: killer of people, nature and culture".
The same day at 15:00 the complete group of 500 representatives of NBA from the Maheshwar area, along with scores of activists from Jagerti Mahila Samiti (Committee for the Awakening of Women, a local grassroots movement organising in the slums of Delhi), Prawaha (a students' organisation), the National Alliance of Peoples' Movements and several local organisations, held a symbolic protest against the WTO near Raj Ghat, the place where the ashes of Mahatma Ghandi are buried and where NBA's 3-days sit-in took place. The women burned a statue symbolising the WTO and several speeches were held. The speakers, representing different organisations, stated their commitment to Gandhi's vision of a self-reliant, sustainable, solidarity-based India composed of village republics, which is worlds away from the destructive, centralising and anti-human process of capitalist globalisation regulated and furthered by the WTO. They made clear that they will not allow any transnational corporation in their land and forests, and that they will resist the destructive and exploitative policies imposed by rotten capitalists, political parties and bureaucrats for the benefit of the elites.
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Cardiff, Wales: In Cardiff an anit-WTO procession marched through the centre of town.
Bangor, Wales: A coalition of groups held a nonviolent and colourful protest march in the high street in bangor, north wales. organised by gwynnedd and mon EF! the demo attracted a big range of allies including the Welsh political party Plaid Cymru whose leader Dafydd Wigely emailed a message of support. what was exciting was that this was a demo that had such a radical agenda and yet still attracted so much "straight" political support and public interest -we ran out of leaflets in about 10 minutes!!! (and got more...) approx 40 people attended the demo (a lot for bangor as it goes so no bwhahhahas please...!)- a lot of new faces- and there was good press coverage and, on the streets, a lot of people who wanted to get info, talk over the issues etc. so "just" as a public education exercise this was very positive as the seed for future coilitions it was also very positive- good connections made- the EF! group has got a lot more interest as a result which in turn has rekindled motivation. more actions to follow!!
(its cos the wto is so obviously shit for so many many reasons- and lots and lots of 'ordinary people' know this quite instinctively i feel- thats why "they" have to go to such extraordinary lengths to debunk us,write us off as the lunatic fringe rather than as being the active manifestation of what a lot of people feel)

Halifax, England: In Halifax a Nestle factory was occupied and a banner dropped outside; 16 were arrested.

Leeds, England: In Leeds city centre, around 50 protestors (and yet more SWP sads) were faced by over 300 cops. In the face of these daft odds, people wandered around, handed out leaflets outside scummy companies, and generally had a laugh.

Manchester, England: 12.30pm Lloyds Bank on Cross Street is occupied and shut down by 50 activists, who then proceed to block the street outside.

Totnes, England: A disused garage and an old Toll House, soon to be "luxury flats" have been squatted in Totnes, South Devon to draw local people's attention to the WTO.

Limerick, Ireland: 20 people from various groups hold loud protest outside a McGarbage, a HMV, a Burger King and a Penny's in central Limerick.
Full story:

Iceland: Protests targetted a US military base and embassy demanding "Yanks Out".

Dijon, France: 30 people chain themselves to the doors of the Dijon Chamber of Commerce and nextdoor bank. In Toulouse, people hang big anti-WTO cardboards in the main street of the town centre, with anti-capitalist christmas fathers giving rotten capitalist fruits to toulouse's people. Full Story:

Narmada, India: Bullock-cart rally in Narmada valley against the WTO Anjar (Narmada valley), 30 November 1999 - An anti-WTO demonstration with bullock-carts was organised today in the village of Anjar by Rewa Ke Yuva (Youths for Narmada), the recently formed youth branch of the Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA, Save the Narmada Movement). More than 1000 people from around 60 villages participated in the colorful procession, protesting against the anti-human agreements and institutions that are pushing India and the rest of the world into the destructive process of capitalist globalisation.
"Countries of the Third World will have to fight against global capitalist powers for their own survival", asserted Medha Patkar, one of the most prominent social activists in Asia and main activist of NBA, in her speech at the end of rally, adding "NBA has presented an example by ousting the World Bank from the Narmada valley".
12/02/99 Narmada Valley Peasants Oppose WTO | Narmada Struggles
More info at as well as

Prague: Food Not Bombs served up in Prague, and supermarkets were leafletted.

Bangalore, India: KRRS Demonstrates against the WTO and Monsanto Protest Forms Part of the N30 Global Day of Action Against Capitalism Several thousand farmers from all the districts of Karnataka gathered today in Bangalore to protest against the Third Ministerial conference of WTO which is now starting in Seattle. They were joined by activists from several leftist organisations and unions. At the end of the demonstration they issued a 'Quit India' notice to Monsanto, urging the company to leave the country or face non-violent direct action against its activities and installations. Another notice was issued to the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), which has permitted Monsanto to do its research work in its premises, to expel the transnational corporation from the campus.
The demonstration started at the central train station at 10:30 and headed towards the Mahatma Gandhi's statue to hold a public meeting. The police tried to stop the demonstrators from entering the park where Gandhi's statue is situated, but the KRRS farmers went into the park telling the police that they don't need anyone's permission to visit this statue and shouting slogans against the WTO, 'free' trade, Monsanto etc. They sat down in front of the statue with big banners and placards stating "We Don't Want Monsanto's Bullshit", "Keep Organic Free from Genetic Engineering", etc.

Schiphol, Amsterdam Airport, Netherlands: 3 Airline companies, which are present on Schiphol, are sponsoring the WTO-summit. Activists notified the airlines of their protest asking that they be provided tickets to Seattle to give the alternative view on the WTO. We gathered at 12 o'clock with about 70 persons, which slowly became more than 100. Besides protesters there was a crowd of police and press. There was a lot of material produced for this action, partly to spread before and partly to spread during the action. After a short introduction to WTO and the action the banners were unrolled and we entered the departurehal. At the end of the action a pamphlet was spread with all the sponsors of this WTO-summit included some addresses of dutch seats of the companies. There was a lot of presscoverage, it was on the 8 o'clock news (the major dutch newsprogram) together with demonstrations in Seatlle The atmosphere was very good, it was a successfull action and a lot of fun to do.
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Berlin, Germany: Here's a short report from November 30th in Berlin. The Parade only finished at 11.15 p.m.! The participants had a lot of fun, despite the cold weather. The Parade pointed out the consequences of neoliberal politics and globalisation at local level with mock slogans and fake banners crying for more order, more security, more police and demanding dry fruit ("Trockenobst"), "Wohlstand fuer Aale" (wealth for eels, a pun on wealth for all). The police were very confused, protecting luxurious restaurants and expensive shops, wondering why these weren't being attacked. Obviously they had not read the call to the demonstration carefully (see in German) which focussed on the logic of this restructuring process. Slide shows projected on building walls ("Jam the WTO") and a show on Dr. Spack (Deep Space Nine) provided extra entertainment as well as the unusual music ("Schlager"). See
more: N30 in Berlin (en) Spackparade ein erfolg (de)

Rome, Italy: A group of White Coveralls occupied the HQ of the "National Committee for Biosafety", hanging banners against GMOs and WTO. The action was promoted by Social Centers and grassroot unions.

California, USA: Dozens of trucks carrying shipping containers were delayed at the entrance to the California United container terminal as an OCL container ship sits idle at another berth after a longer-than-usual lunch break at the facility at the Port of Long Beach.Hundreds of West Coast dockworkers stopped movement of some cargo from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday in solidarity with groups protesting World Trade Organization policies.

Baltimore, USA: Along with protests going on simultaneously around the world, Baltimore had its own local protest against global capital. While small in comparison to the masses that demonstrated in Seattle (100,000), France (75,000), etc... Baltimore had a modest 125+. WBAL (TV channel 11) reported a dozen, though they left very early and clearly more than that were visible from their own video coverage. The demonstration started at around 4:30, but didn't pick up much of a crowd or noise until after 5, when Critical Mass and a black block of Anarchists joined. The anarchists had their largest presence, and unlike the mass media would have you believe about their comrades in Seattle, did not engage in any violence.
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Milan, Italy: Permanent info tent in Largo Cairoli, a very central square, to inform the citizens about WTO and the reasons of our protests against it - but also about the Narmada and Iloitz dams, the prison camps for migrants, etc. The day ended up with a debate at the Social Center Leoncavallo with the partecipation of Andres Barreda Marin, professor at the UNAM University in Mexico City, which spoke about the influences of USA economy on globalization and on the situation in Chiapas. The debate was attended by about 150 peoples.

Los Angeles, USA: President Clinton announces that the protesters should be given a place at the table.
PGA US Caravan 18/11/1999

Israel: About 30 people demonstrated outside the US embassy to protest against the WTO. Among the people were a group from the "women in black", vigil people from the anarcho-communist collective, and direct action greens.

Nashville, USA: About 45 protesters gathered in front of Al Gore's presidential campaign to protest the World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle, but there was no violence. At one point Tuesday night, protesters entered the reception area and serenaded some bemused members of Gore's campaign staff with "No, no, no WTO...," before returning to the cold. One protester wore a large papier-mache Ronald McDonald head with fangs and dollar signs for eyes. The highlights included coverage on the 3 major networks and the local paper, group solidarity, and a rumor that Gore called the local union head and told him to call us off. A major downer was that someone broke into one of the organizers vehicles, a key organizer in the Nashville area, and stole a bag containing a lot of writings and documents. We were peaceful and gathered in front of the Gore headquarters during rush hour. Several of us constructed a large stanic Ronald McDonald 13 foot puppet and we also had a large butterfly to project a positive image of what we stand for. We also did a "Fair Trade" large scale banner with the fair trade logo. What was most wonderful about the experience was having a sense of solidarity and coming together of some of the activists in Nashville to rally on an issue we care very deeply about.

Washington, USA: One hundred or so protestors turned out at Lafayette Park, and again at the USIA Building, to express their displeasure with corporate greed and FDA ("the Nation's Foremost Consumer Protection Agency", it says on their home page) inaction with regard to genetically-engineered (GE) foods. Did you know that for at least the past five years, you've been eating totally untested genetically-engineered foods and not even known about it? Surprise! Happy Thanksgiving!

Boston, USA: Demonstrators protest against the WTO outside the Federal Reserve Building
PGA US Caravan 30/10/1999 more!


  • 3pm / 7am Pacific Time The Carnival begins in Seattle - Tens of thousands of labor union members and environmental activists dance, chant and march through downtown Seattle.
  • Activists chain themselves together and lock on at intersections, so as to prevent delegates arriving to the opening ceremony at the paramount theatre. Many delegates return to their hotels if they can, there are human chains in front of many of the hotels where delegates were staying. See for Tom Haydens ( Founder of SDS, Chicago 8 member, and now California State Senator ! ) eyewitness report from the barricades.
  • Over 9000 dockworkers go on strike and close down all ports of West Coast - some for a few hours others for the majority of the day - so do cabbies in Seattle. See full story:
  • 20,000 Labour activists start their march but turn away from the trouble.
  • Just before 1 p.m., WTO organizers cancel the opening ceremonies, as Madeleine Albright (US Trade Rep), Kofy Annan (Head of UN) and Micheal Moore (head of WTO) have been prevented from arriving by the swellling crowds of activists that are blocking the streets.
  • 3.45pm (Pacific Time): Police try to clear non violent blockades with pepper gas, Armoured cars and rubber bullets. Fighting breaks out.
  • “I don't believe they allowed this to stop the opening ceremony,” said Eamon Courtenay, Belize's trade and investment ambassador. “I mean, the protesters announced they were going to do this, and then they did it. I'm surprised the host allowed this to happen. It's ridiculous.”
  • 5pm: Mayor Paul Schell declares a state of emergency in downtown Seattle and imposes a curfew from 7 p.m. until sunrise. Which coincides with Bill Clintons arrival. Washington Gov. Gary Locke also declares state of emergency and calls up two task forces of unarmed National Guard personnel trained in crowd control for duty Wednesday morning. He says he expectes them for the most part to serve in a backup role. “You may not even see them,” the governor tells reporters.
  • "One of the Chinese observers to the talks said: 'I think this is as significant for the west as Tiananmen square was for us. It is unprecedented. Governments will have to respond.'" The Guardian 1/12/99

The protests in Seattle continued right through the week with the National Guard on the streets, curfews in place, exclusion zones, repeated use of teargas, pepper spray and concussion grenades. Over 600 were arrested in Seattle alone, though many continued to resist after arrest, occupying police transport vehicles and refusing to be processed. Gas masks were made illegal in Seattle, journalists attacked and prisoners assaulted. News coverage, while following the violence, was forced to begin debating the issues. The WTO meeting finally finished without any agreement as to a new trade round :-)

The story of Seattle is huge - for full coverage of the Seattle events see some of the excellent sites in our links section - Most of these sites are examples of DIY media, each day the links we make help strenghten our networks, by telling the stories ourselves we overcome the dependence on corporate media - Tell it like it is - Global DIY Media Rocks!


Manila: Friday, 12/03/99
Protesters tried to force their way into the gates of the U.S. Embassy in Manila for a "lightning rally" against the violent dispersal and arrests of protesters at the World Trade Organization (WTO) meeting in Seattle, Washington. The dispersal of WTO protests has sparked protests and condemnation in Manila and other parts of the world.

Tucson, Arizona USA: Friday, 12/03/1999
Energized by the success of our Nov. 30 protest, about 50 protesters (maybe even more) gathered at McDonalds near the university. Our theme was "flush out corporate greed" so many protesters had plungers. Signs included: "Did anyone say McCorporate Greed?" and "McWTO must go!" One protester came dressed as Ronald McDonald (well, sort of). Maybe this is a naive impression, but it seemed to me like people in Tucson are really getting the message: there was a *lot* of support for us from motorists honking horns, giving us the 'thumbs up' and peace signs. The few hecklers said things like "you guys are total dorks." The protest really energized us as a community because a protest we at first thought wouldn't happen (it's the end of the semester; we're overworked and tired) turned into two excellent protests.

Seattle: 4.11.99 Clashes continue - Protestors demonstrating outside jail where hundreds are held
- Call for general strike in solidarity with Seattle demonstrators


4.11.99 (from

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