From Nepal: Press Release about WTO
Datum: Montag, 20. Dezember 1999 19:05

Hello friends,

Namaste from Nepal.

First of all, we are extremely sorry for not sending our activities to
all of you. We could not come to Seattle and could not participate in
demonstrations. We heard about 3rd ministerial meeting of WTO. We really
appreciate the courage of the participants. Their courage encourages us
to do something. Here in Nepal, in November 30, We did press release and
distribute it to many national News papers. The response of them are
positive. At least people of Nepal came to know about WTO and its
startegy . Because of First National Conference of our organization,
Young Lawyers for Human Rights, we could not send it in time.


The 3rd ministerial level meeting of WTO is going to be held in American
City Seattle. In this context opposing activities against WTO are
demonstrated in different parts of the world. American citizens,
representatives of different organizations of the world are preparing to
organize the demonstration progrmmes against WTO followed by strike,
street demonstrations to stop the delegates for the participation of
WTO's meeting in Seattle. T he demonstration organizers keep on
discussion, interaction meeting about how WTO is against the whole
mankind and the nature. The delegates from Nepal have already reached in
Seattle to participate in the meeting. Its main efforts in this meeting
will be to get the membership of WTO shortly. but the country like Nepal
has to think deeply about the negative impact of being member rather
than advantages of it before the entry into WTO. So we feel urge to
bring the matter into public discussion


WTO is a common organization of big and multinational companies rich and
developed countries to fulfill their own economic interest. Their main
aim is to earn enough money by violating social justice, worker's right,
exploiting the environment and natural resources. And again they are
weakening the business capacity of poor country by unnecessarily
highlighting the environmental cause worker's right and social measures.
Multinational companies at once in the history of mankind consider such
event s a great 'coup' over all the governments. This is an essential
characteristic of capitalism which benefits millionaire and high classed
of people and compels the poor to work for them. After the establishment
of WTO in 1995,wto has taken more than 100 judicial decisions, which are
totally against the workers right and environment and in favor of profit
motive. The responsible factors for arms conflicts and economic crisis
in different countries are WB, IMF and wrong policies and undue
pressures of WTO to create long gap between rich and poor globally
Seattle discuses bout the reforms on WTO's policy but all of them are
possible only under the consideration of multinational companies and
rich countries. Their sympathy and reforms for poor states are only for
their pertinence . It is totally impossible to uplift the standard of
poor people of state and their reforms in such colonizing and
imperialism states and institutions


It prefers trade and business rather than other matters and neglects the
negative impact on national law, rules, rights of laborers and
consumers, human rights, the environment, public health and security.

It weakens democracy and distructs the instruments of government to
prosecute the illegal and unconstitutional activities in national level.
It compels the state mechanism to set up the economic policies in favor
of multinational companies'. If a country tries to make the policies for
the welfare of citizens that become out of the interest of multinational

It not only directs the world trade but also gives strong protection .It
promotes global trade instead of making independent economic system and
policy based on local and community developed programs. It discourages
the local alternatives.

It hampers the economic condition of third world country and it works on
favor of multinational companies to open their free market and compels
the state not to protect the national and local industries. In this way
the multinational companies are allowed in agricultural field, millions
of local workers are rainout

It controls the government to take necessary steps against the elements
that cues environment pollution and deceit public health by industries.

WTO determines the international standard on health and environment,
which are equally applicable for all. In this context it is very
impossible to maintain such standard by developing and least developed

It keeps ll. Its functions secret. All national law will be declared
illegal by its judicial organization.

It limits the capacity of government to buy foreign currency for the
purpose of human rights environment rights of laborer and non-profitable
purpose. There should be fixed price and quality of objects to buy
foreign currency

It gives the patent right to multinational companies on agricultural
products, resources and even in life. Because of this multinational
companies control to all bio-diversity and destroy all the essential
things for man and nature.

Being a member of WTO, the agreements and treaties made by UNO will be
weak which causes the tyranny in world and the world will be the
playground of rich ones.


Nepal should stand against WTO. There will be no reforms in it as long
as it is in existence. There will be no restriction to implement the
constitution, law treaties of human rights and environments in its
internal affair even it gets the membership of WTO. To be a member of
WTO is to loose rather to gain. WTO is so rigid to reform for the favor
of poor countries and peoples.

For your correspondence,

Young Lawyers for Human Rights (YLHR)
GPO Box NO. 20064,
Kathmandu, NEPAL

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