N 30 in Berlin

"Spackparade" in Berlin

Dear everybody,

here's a short report from November 30th in Berlin. The Parade only finished at 11.15 p.m.! The participants had a lot of fun, despite the cold weather. The Parade pointed out the consequences of neoliberal politics and globalisation at local level with mock slogans and fake banners crying for more order, more security, more police and demanding dry fruit ("Trockenobst"), "Wohlstand fuer Aale" (wealth for eels, a pun on wealth for all). The police were very confused, protecting luxurious restaurants and expensive shops, wondering why these weren't being attacked. Obviously they had not read the call to the demonstration carefully (see in German) which focussed on the logic of this restructuring process. Slide shows projected on building walls ("Jam the WTO") and a show on Dr. Spack (Deep Space Nine) provided extra entertainment as well as the unusual music ("Schlager").

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