N30 in the USA
brief overview

Amherst I'm in the area, Amherst, but I'm going to be flying out to Seattle. I know there are people around who want to do something but aren't able to make it to seattle. I can hook you up with some email addresses/phone numbers if you want.

In Solidarity,
PGA US Caravan 31/10/1999 | other global action days in Amherst: S26


Atlanta add Atlanta Georgia to the list of n30 participants. Katuah Earth First!

plans to be there as it is the financial center of the southeast US. Any individuals or orgs that would like to help out/be there/have own demo/organise/coordinate/etc... reply this msg.
Bill Gorz
other global action days in Atlanta: A20


Chicago — There was a June 18th demonstration in Chicago, on Clark and Jackson outside the state building. There were only about fifty people involved. There was an even bigger demonstration on N30 (about 200 people) that ended outside the "Old Navy" store, with speakers on neo-liberalism --
other global action days in Chicago: S26 A20

other global action days in Eugene: S26


Los Angeles
other global action days in LA: S26


Nevada City

Philadelphia Add Philadelphia to the list of U.S. cities with N30 actions planned.
Contact Leon Oboler

Texas: In Texas, we will have press conference and/or demonstrations in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth and San Antonio on Nov.30th.
other global action days in Texas: S26: Dallas

other global action days in Seattle: A20

other global action days in LA: S26

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