anit - WTO solidarity actions in CZECH REP

Buy-Nothing Day & N30 actions


We decided to connect both actions - N30 and BND together, because we found out, that we want to have enough energy to do more than 1 bigger action, we have also lot of work with planning actions for IMF and WB meeting next year in Prague...

On saturday 27. we decided to have an action before on of Prague TESCo supermarket, we met at 2 pm before supermarket and Food Not Bombs served food for homelless people, there were about 40 activists and another 20-30 homeless from Prague, we had banners, musik, and masks. We invited lot of reporters, there were reporters from all czech TV stations and newspapers - so really nice media coverege. We served food and discuss with people for about 2 hours (we had leaflets about WTO, BND and lot of other materials) and than we finished, police were little bit suprised, because lot of reporters and homeless people, so police just stand by and watched.

After ending this official action ,we did a direct action in next supermarket, witch went also really good. There were also actions in other towns, in Brno, Litvinov and maybe more, but dont have more now.

There were also good reports in TV - long report about anti WTO action in Paris, about BND action in Korea and about actions in Czech Rep. So think everything went excellent this time.

thats all now

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