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Friday, October the 29th.

Direct Action Against Burson-Marsteller

"Where Perception Management Drives Performance"

that's how Burson-Marsteller sell their lies. "Your perceiption - our reality" statet Reclaim The Streets New York in front of the building of BM in Manhattan. The PGA Cross-Country Caravan joined them, coming from where Burson-Marsteller did their successful work. "3.000 have died when toxic gas from one of Union Carbide's factories fifteen years ago. Thousands more are still suffering. Burson-Marsteller helped Union Carbide to wash their hands white, so they did not have to pay any just compensation until today" said Sanjay Mangala Gopal of the National Alliance of Peoples Movements in India.

This had not been the only environmental abuse of Burson Marsteller: They helped to diminishe the nuclear accident in Harrisburg, helped to greenwash the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989, and helped Louisiana Pacific, famous for union busting, clear cutting of old growth forests, and support of anti-environmental front groups.
But they're also specialised in Human Rights abuses. Some of their clients have included: the government of Nigeria to discredit reports of genocide during the Biafran war, the totalitarian regime of South Korea to whitewash their human rights violations before the 1988 Olympics, and the government of Indonesia, who's ongoing genocide in East Timor has killed millions of people.

"Can you help me to get the blood off?" asks a young man in a suit, holding his red-dropping hands up to the people leaving the building, where Burson Marstellers' office is located. "I can give you lots of money. But please help me to get this blood off!" Finally one of the protesters helps him to put white gloves on his red hands. The young man waves at the crowed with a happy smile in his face. Yes, this looks smart!

'I'm happy that I don't work there any more", comments a woman waiting for her ex collegue for lunch. "I thought these people were criminals". She doesn't want to be taped, is afraid of consequenses. But another one gives an interview to the journalist of the local paper Village Voice ( that she still is waiting for her salary.

Burson-Marsteller was a good action to start with: It demonstrates perfectly how money is supposed to rule this world.

After the action: Contemplation on the roof of Brookes house, with great food, donated by a vegan restaurant.
Later on everybody gets into the limousine and a rented van, heading to Boston. The bus has been bought in Boston and is waiting for us there.




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