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Sunday, 11/14/99

Spontaneously a community of young people, working together supporting the struggle of the indigenous, offer us to stay with them. For them it's the very last night in the house. They're moving out, some of them are going to travel. Have a good time on the road!

Riding during day-time give us the possibility to see the beauty of the landscape on our way to Prescott. Commercial Association this time: Marlboro.

In Prescott we meet activists of Food Not Bombs and of Art & Revolution. Food Not Bombs (FNB) are collecting food from restaurants and supermarkets, and serve it twice a week to homeless and hungry people in the park of Prescott, as around the world. It's hard to believe how much they get criminalized for doing this: In San Francisco on Oct. 20th two Food Not Bombs activists were arrested. The two FNB members were able to free food to low-income people for only ten minutes before eight policemen arrested them for "serving food without a permit". The permit in question in no longer issued by the city, and has been used for years as a political tool for selective enforcement. The police confiscated and photographed the soup and bread that was being served as evidence of the criminal offence. All together activists of FNB in San Francisco got arrested 1.000 times since 1988. On Oct. 22nd another server and six others were arrested, when FNB attempted to hand out bread and fruit juice at the same location. Police have explicitly stated they will continue to make arrests of Food Not Bombs volunteers upon any attempt to serve food to homeless people. FNB will not reduce or restrict servings, they say: "We will not compromise our advocacy of the people who are under constant attack."

Art & Revolution did a teach-in and performance tour of the Western U.S. and Canada in September and October to educate, agitate and organize against the World Trade Organization Summit. In the middle of the night and the middle of the street we are lucky to get spontaneously an extra performance of about ten young women against the WTO.




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