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Wednesday, November 17th

San Diego, Tijuana's twin-town. "Tijuana? That must be at least 40 miles from here" or "Yes, I've been there once since I moved here in 1987", are typically reactions of San Diegos inhabitants asked about their twin-town.

Rally at Horton Plaza, downtown. About 25 honk us in support, holding signs and banners, handing out information, chanting down "free-trade" economics, playing music, and performing street theater. "Are that these people with this colorful bus saying "Seattle or bust"? a friends friend will ask later that day. So people see us, but here it's difficult to see the people. They work, they do their shopping, and we are strange. But at least we can do some TV-interviews.

In the evening there is a teach-in at the San Diego Center of the Moving Arts. This presentation is well attended with about 70 people. The program is emceed by Jim Bell, a candidate for mayor who speaks of sustainable energy and local self-sufficiency. This time Guido, Michael, Asif, Sagi, and Sanjay speak - with much feeling, as always - about the WTO and the effects neo-liberalism has on their societies and cultures. The audience is very attentive and there is a lot of conversation and exchange of ideas afterward.

Joining us on the caravan is Ana Maritza Bricena from Venezuela. She is with the National Association of Consumers in Venezuela, and also she's a filmmaker. She shows us the film she did on the InterContinental Caravan with 500 activists from all over the world in Europe this spring. We are looking forward to the one she's going to make about us, and are happy to have her with us.




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