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Tuesday, November 23rd

"Today last teach-in before the WTO in Seattle!" says the banner in front of the Portland State University. So it is for us, just with the exception, that this one is repeated today at 6 p.m. "for popular demand". Again we meet Kevin Danaher of Global Exchange, and he and we and several other speakers are trying to give answers on what Patrick Magar points out as the most important question of today: What kind of world are we making?

Aerobic is out, radical cheerleading is in. We learned how to do it. Watch us, move your body and then join us in Seattle: The dou-ble-U-T-O HAS to go!

Leading through the teach-in was Veronika Dujon, a Professor in the Department of Sociology. We asked her about the impacts of global free trade on women, on migrants and on people of color, and how all this is related.

(Audio is coming!)




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