11/24/99 Adivasis Occupy World Bank Premises in New Delhi

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Wednesday, November 24th

"Don't forget not to say any more: 'Come to Seattle!' " Sanjay reminds everybody before we reach the city we have been heading to for so long. An hour before we arrive a film team of ABC jumps upon the bus ("Pretend we are not here!"), then we drive into town. First we get off at the Convergence Center, where Roman as a sign the caravan is over smashes the bus at the entrance. Two hours later we get in again: Time for our official arrivel at the Washington State Convention Center. Several TV crews and lots of more press is waiting for us there, and also a procession of groups and people involved with the Direct Action Network are welcoming us.

"We will not allow Clinton to enter the conference hall" - this is Sanjay again, this time in front of the TV cameras. "We don't want any more lessons of the WTO and the Worldbank. We are capable enough to develop us ourselves", he adds, and Taira continues: "The corporations steal our knowledge, our stories, our clothes, our tradition, our medicine, even our genes. They exploit our Mother Earth - not only where we Kuna live but in all parts of the world. So we say: We as indigenous people are against the WTO." And Rony concludes: "We are ready to get arrested. Whatever is necessary to stop the WTO!"




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