Iceland: Protests targetted a US military base and embassy demanding "Yanks Out".

Dijon, France: 30 people chain themselves to the doors of the Dijon Chamber of Commerce and nextdoor bank. In Toulouse, people hang big anti-WTO cardboards in the main street of the town centre, with anti-capitalist christmas fathers giving rotten capitalist fruits to toulouse's people. Full Story:

Narmada, India: Bullock-cart rally in Narmada valley against the WTO Anjar (Narmada valley), 30 November 1999 - An anti-WTO demonstration with bullock-carts was organised today in the village of Anjar by Rewa Ke Yuva (Youths for Narmada), the recently formed youth branch of the Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA, Save the Narmada Movement). More than 1000 people from around 60 villages participated in the colorful procession, protesting against the anti-human agreements and institutions that are pushing India and the rest of the world into the destructive process of capitalist globalisation.
"Countries of the Third World will have to fight against global capitalist powers for their own survival", asserted Medha Patkar, one of the most prominent social activists in Asia and main activist of NBA, in her speech at the end of rally, adding "NBA has presented an example by ousting the World Bank from the Narmada valley".
12/02/99 Narmada Valley Peasants Oppose WTO | Narmada Struggles
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Prague: Food Not Bombs served up in Prague, and supermarkets were leafletted.

Bangalore, India: KRRS Demonstrates against the WTO and Monsanto Protest Forms Part of the N30 Global Day of Action Against Capitalism Several thousand farmers from all the districts of Karnataka gathered today in Bangalore to protest against the Third Ministerial conference of WTO which is now starting in Seattle. They were joined by activists from several leftist organisations and unions. At the end of the demonstration they issued a 'Quit India' notice to Monsanto, urging the company to leave the country or face non-violent direct action against its activities and installations. Another notice was issued to the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), which has permitted Monsanto to do its research work in its premises, to expel the transnational corporation from the campus.
The demonstration started at the central train station at 10:30 and headed towards the Mahatma Gandhi's statue to hold a public meeting. The police tried to stop the demonstrators from entering the park where Gandhi's statue is situated, but the KRRS farmers went into the park telling the police that they don't need anyone's permission to visit this statue and shouting slogans against the WTO, 'free' trade, Monsanto etc. They sat down in front of the statue with big banners and placards stating "We Don't Want Monsanto's Bullshit", "Keep Organic Free from Genetic Engineering", etc.