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Saturday, 11/13/99

SAVE THE PEAKS! is the goal of a concert at the Hopi Veteran's Memorial Center at Kykotsmovi. Six Native American tribes unite for this concert to promote protection of the San Francisco Peaks from the destruction caused by the White Vulcan Pumice Mine. Musicians, tribal representatives and environmentalists - and we, who are invited - are gathering against this mining, that is only done for stone washing of jeans. The Navajo beliefe the San Francisco Peaks have the power to heal both mind and body. The Havasupai believe the mounds, buttes and hills around the "Winagana pa'dja", how they call the Peaks, carry their prayers to the heights of the Peaks, and beyond to the Great Spirit. The Hopi say, all life started from "Nuvatukaovi". The Peaks are also sacred ground to the Zuni ("Sunha K'zabachu Yalanne"), Hualapai ("Wik'hanbaja"), Yavapai ("Wimonogaw'a) and to Apache tribes ("Dzil Tso"). "They say we've got freedom of religion here", says one of the musicians of Blackfire. "But now they ask us to prove that this mountain is holy to us. This is racism! Just imagine they would destroy the Cistine Chapel in Rome by mining."

Rising from the ponderosa forest floor, the spactacular San Francisco Peaks include multiple forest and alpine life zones, and are home to a variety of wildlife. From as far as 100 miles away, people can view Mt. Humphries within the Peaks, the highest point in the state. All this is threatened for the cause of stonewashing jeans! Tufflite, Inc., the owners of White Vulcan Mine are looking to expand the mine for pumice from 90 to 120 acres.

This is the first meeting of so many different tribes and colors, so people feel this meeting to be a beginning. We fulfill to this with our own variety, and we are getting the feeling too: To the sound of "Every little thing will be alright" we dance in a circle together and grow this way until we are surrounding the whole audience. Yes, we even end up doing acrobatics! All this under the advise of the singer of the Walt Richardson Band: "Don't let the system get upon your head!" And John Trudell, survivor of the Wounded Knee massacre, composed a beautiful song about the words of Crazy Horse, which are painted twice on our bus: "One does not sell the earth upon which the people walk".




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