South Koreans reject WTO:

South Korean people are struggling against the inequality and barbarism of neoliberal market economy. On Dec 6th, KCTU(Korean Confederation of Trade Unions) went on a sit-in demonstration in front of the National Assembly. But the police pillaged their place on 7 Dec. So KCTU announced their all-out struggle against the Kim's regime. Also FKTU(Federation of Korean Trade Unions) is coming into conflict with the government due to the issue of payment of union steward's wage. And Korean Farmers have feelings of raging indignation and bitterness to the Kim regime's nonfulfillment of its presidential campaign promises such as relieving farmers' debt, and they also worry about the inauguration of the WTO newround.

On the 10th of December 1999, the 2nd people's rally For 'defending economic soverienty, relieving all farmers debt, no to WTO and entire Eradication of the National Security Law' was held at the Seoul Railway Station Square. Lots of farmers and workers, around 35,000 people, participated in this rally.

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