Porto Alegre:

Anti-Capitalist Call for Action
Against the World Economic Forum

From January 31st to February 4th the World Economic Forum is having its meeting in New York City. The World Economic Forum is an annual meeting of the most important businessmen, government officials, media CEOs and intellectuals of the world. It's a big annual party where influential global leaders meet to discuss the destiny of the planet. This rendezvous usually happens once a year at the cold montains of Davos, Switzerland. This year, however, in order to avoid protest from direct action groups, organizers had the brillant idea of moving it to New York City. They think that New York is still under shock and under the effect of the September 11 attacks and that that would give them a safeguard against anti-capitalist protests. They got it wrong.

In New York and in other cities throughout the world, direct action groups are planning protests. Why not in Porto Alegre?

Some individuals active in the People's Global Action network who will be at Porto Alegre invite interested and good hearted people for a moment of joy and direct action. Instead of following the well behaved and officious World Social Forum march, why don't you join us for an autonomous and direct action journey, by the rhythm of a gracious argentinian tango? Bring your pans, spoons and, just for precaution, your gas mask and helmet. Bikes and soccer balls are welcome too. If you are already in Porto Alegre, why not use this opportunity to build autonomous spaces and show what we can do when we are self managing affairs?

Meet us at the Youth Camp at the World Social Forum, January the 31st, at noon. Follow the sound of the drums and look for the weirdos.


Rebels lost in Porto Alegre

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