Intergalactika at the WSF: programm in English


22 January

8:00 pm Meeting to welcome social movements and like-minded groups, together with MTD Anibal Verón

23 January

10:00 am Opening session. Inaugural assembly of Intergalactika's space, presentation of activities, etc.

3:00 pm Opening March of the WSF

24 January

9.30 am Workshop: "Argentina: Experimental Territory for the Movement of Movements. A Dialogue Between the New Political Practices and Organisations of Argentina and the Global Movement"

Neka Jara (MTD Solano) / Toti Flores (MTD La Matanza) / Paula Klachko (Barrios de Pie) / Sebastian (MTD Alte Brown) / Mocase / Martín K. (Asamblea de Colegiales, Buenos Aires) / Anti Eviction Campaign (Sudáfrica) / Desobedientes (Italia) / Pablo Ortellado (ALJG, Sao Paulo

3:00 pm Workshop: How to create a useful relationship between Argentinean and global movements? Days of Global Action: What are they for? What limitations they face? How to strengthen them? Argentinean Tango D20: Evaluating the Global Day of Disobedience for Argentina. Accounts and photos of some of the 100 actions of D20, by Andrej Grubacic, Yugoslavia - Alexandra, Québec - Mateo, WOGAN/EEUU - ALJG, Sao Paulo, and others.

25 January

9.30 am The peoples of the world face the challenge of Permanent Global War

Chacha (Wogan, EEUU) / Photos by Bruna Orlandi in Palestina / Desobedientes / Blicero?

3:00 pm PUC. Convergence of social and global struggles

3:00 pm in the Campamento: Laboratory of Arts and Politics

8:00- midnight: Permanent Global Party.

They make war, we party!!!

Porto Alegre - Paris - Rome - Buenos Aires - New York - Sydney - Johannesburg

Streaming between cities

26 January

10:00 am Workshop on Autonomy, Horizontality, Counterpower, Networks. Debates within the Movement of Movements

Foro de Aca (Montevideo) / Mariano (Mtd Alte Brown) / Blicero (Indymedia Italia) / Ninguna Persona es Ilegal (Espana) / Asambleas Populares (Argentina)

3:00pm Workshop: The Movement and the Countersummits. What is the situation with our tactics of direct action? How to strike back and win again? Towards G8 in Evian, France (Europe with charme) and the meeting of the WTO in Cancun (Tropical Dream).

27 January

10:00 am Workshop: Evaluating the "Operation Intergalactika", and discussing the future. Inter-connection, website, multilingual e-mail list.

3:00 pm Practical Workshop on Direct Action

Bloque Rosa / Piquete Urbano (Buenos Aires) - Barrios de Pie - Emilio (Acción Directa No Violenta) - Anti-Eviction Campaign (Southafrica) - Just Act - Ruckus Society.

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