Life After Capitalism

What is LAC?

LAC has a logic — it is topical events on vision and strategy — it is visionary sessions on politics and economics — and it is sessions on movements interacting (which is what they say they want).
Plus the final day on that, as well.


The whole LAC is an anticapitalist conference within the conference. We don't need to make believe we are so perpipheral or so different or so much better: we are not going to be peripheral.

There is a ratio behind LAC which is spelled out in an article I am enclosing below.

What I would like to do, as a PGA activist and a friend/part of HUB idea, is to find a way to include this experience in LAC.


There is only one way to do this:

To define ourselves in a way that would
let me ( as one of the organizers of LAC) add us in the program --- like the MST, or Dissobedienti, or the others we have...

Let's think together and formulate something.
LAC is going to be big. We could use this as a convergence point for speaking about strategy of radical anti-authoritarian part of the movement.

Forward, think, and react quickly.


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