D20 - evaluation in Porto Alegre

Hi friends,

We are organizing a workshop about the 20D Global Day of Disobidience, in the Intergalactika Space in the Youth Camp in the WSF as a continuation of the Firenze one. We are thinking in something like that,

24 de Enero

15.00 hs.


Evaluación del Dia de Desobediencia Global por Argentina

So, we want to invite all of you that are coming to Porto Alegre and have participate in the actions around the world (but it is not necesary, of course), and ask you to bring photos, videos, material, etc.

Thank you very much

A list of the (always in construction) Intergalactika activities will be put here in a couple of days. We want to try to coordinate the time table with LAC, Indymedia Centre and other spaces, but probably it will be hard.

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