Bordercamp 2000

3rd antiracist bordercamp
by the campaign 'no one is illegal'
29th of July to 6th of August 2000
in Forst / Brandenburg / Germany
welcome to Telecity Forst 


... to the web-journal of camp00 - antirascist border camp at the polish-german border from 29th of July to 6th of August 2000.
sorry, most of the articles are in german, you will find them here.
let's put all our power together to fight the imperial forces. see ya!

all contributions in english in chronological order
Discussion Paper on the debate on sexism and racism
... at the third Anti-racist Border Camp in Forst, 3.8.00. The paper was accepted by the delegates meeting, August 4th in this form and will be presented to the evening meeting on August 5th.
Delegiertenplenum des Grenzcamps 2000
Down with the restriction to residence!
[BRD, 03.08.2000]
In Germany refugees are restricted by law to stay in their assigned region. Some call now to fight this harassment and openly disrespect the law.
The Southern Cameroons problems
The plight of the Southern Cameroonian and the quest for independence
Mountain Mourners
An Appeal from Political Prisoners in Cameroon
[Grenzcamp 2000, 03.08.2000]
The anglophones in Cameroon are fighting for self determination. The current state in Cameroon consist of a lot of human right abuses, arbitrary arrests without trial and exploitation of human and natural resources. In 1999 eighteen political prisoners were triaked and sentenced from 8 years to life jail. They appeal now for rejudgement of the process and need attention from the international community.
The Voice Africa Forum
an outcome of racist dominance in the german left
Sticky-tent discussions on racism and sexism... some impressions about a difficult process
To the debate on sexisms
A few womanlesbians
Reclaim the Station - disturbing the border police in Cottbus
[Cottbus, 02.08.2000]
Activists from the border camp reclaimed Cottbus railway station as a protest against the internal border regime.
Discussion: Rassism, the left and the war
[Kiel/Hamburg, 01.08.2000]
This event at the grenzcamp2000 was planned by members of different groups of Kiel and Hamburg, but in the name of NO PEACE WITH NATO/Kiel. The major parts of the third part of the talk have been translated into english. The talk was not given at the grenzcamp because the author decided not to come: He is protesting against the support of the grenzcamp by a member of the green party: Claudia Roth, the representative for human rights affairs of the german government and member of the green party. He considers the green party as war criminals because this party was participating as member of the government in the conduct of the war in Cosovo. He wanted this text to be discussed and finally put into the web-journal.
No Peace with NATO
Report on the camp of struggle in Sicily
[Marzamemi, 30.07.2000]
The Struggle´s camp of Marzamemi, in Sicily, is hardly concluded: over hundred companions have given life and strength to a week of debates, mobilizations, meetings that have crossed the whole region Sicily (Marzamemi July 23-30 th 2000)
Naples´ comrades
Notes for a discussion event on identity politics and political organizing
Discussion of identity politics in the context of antisexism and antiracism.
Tent, advice and rest
[Bordercamp, 27.07.2000]
Here is some advice for people who plan to take part in the Bordercamp in Forst - see ya @camp!
Chain of camps and actions against the borderregimes
some informations about the bordercamps in Italy, Poland, Mexico and Germany
Invitation to the Third Anti-Racist Border Camp
[Berlin, 02.07.2000]
Invitation to the Third Anti-Racist Border Camp July 29th - August 6th, 2000 in Forst
Welcome to Telecity Forst
[Berlin, 29.06.2000]
aims, disturbances and organisation
Z.E.L.T.P.L.A.T.Z. K.O.M.I.T.E.E.

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