Bordercamp 2000

3rd antiracist bordercamp
by the campaign 'no one is illegal'
29th of July to 6th of August 2000
in Forst / Brandenburg / Germany
welcome to Telecity Forst 

No Peace with NATO

Discussion: Rassism, the left and the war

This event at the grenzcamp2000 was planned by members of different groups of Kiel and Hamburg, but in the name of NO PEACE WITH NATO/Kiel. The major parts of the third part of the talk have been translated into english. The talk was not given at the grenzcamp because the author decided not to come: He is protesting against the support of the grenzcamp by a member of the green party: Claudia Roth, the representative for human rights affairs of the german government and member of the green party. He considers the green party as war criminals because this party was participating as member of the government in the conduct of the war in Cosovo. He wanted this text to be discussed and finally put into the web-journal.

In the process of catching up the fire attack in Erbendorf, Hattingen and especially Lübeck carried out by the media and the justice, it appears in increasing scale the stereotype of the foreign criminal organised in ethnic oriented mafia styled gangs. Eventually she is completely demoralised and willing to execute force against her ethnic self in order to enforce from the germans apartments, work and right of residence. In the present and in the future the investigations of the state are aiming to distract from the large active and passive participation of the german population on the attacks against migrants and refugees. These attacks are structural favored and exploited by the society.

The population of Hattingen went farther than the justice: As in Erbendorf it executed the assasination attempt and the rassistic investigations on Frau Yasar Ü.: Desolidarised, despised and condemned the families G. and Ü. had do leave the city; the rassistic campaign has taken away from them their basis of existence.

The committers of the assasination attempt on these turkish families are not prosecuted; The investigations were stopped.

In Lübeck one the one side there was the the campaign against Safwan E., his family and the refugees from the Hafenstrasse - on the other side there is the general discrimination and criminalisation of migrants in germany: Their supposed demoralisation would enable them to do all kind of crime - they and no other else. In such a away Germany tackles in Lübeck once and for all with incendiaries of all countries: to cover the german perpetrators with their victims. Since Lübeck every german, who is doing murder and fire attacks, is apologized from the victims of his crimes.

With reference to article 3 of the Grundgesetz the german killers are taken into protection - even before the assucation of their victims. Citation: (Zitat Focus, 29.01.96) "Noone shall be discrimanted because of her sex, her descent, her race...- This is a great text - but it should be valid also for germans."
At the highest level of justice the protection of the german population in this country was fixed on the 14 of May 1996 by the BFG: "The right to apply for asylum does not belong to the content of Art.1, Abs. 1 GG"
The dignity of (german) person is not tangible, This decision means the assignement and fixation of unequal society value of the people living in this country.

The protection of the commiters in an explicit way refers to the fact that the society intends to protect the crimes with the protection of the commiters. Now the protection of the c. is getting another face:

It is not as in 1993 the "a background of hostility against foreigners can be excluded" which was used to calm the foreign countries and a sensibilised public to persuade them that there are no rassistic burning attacks in the BRD. The deeds are not any more rassistic because they are in the interest of the here living germans. 1993 - after the burning attack of Solingen - the width of this consense was not conceivable. The last 3 years (1996) and especially the discussion on the burning attack in Lübeck have shown a dynamics that is near to the point that the protection of the c. is justified in the public and the deeds are legitimised.

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