Bordercamp 2000

3. antiracist bordercamp
by the campaign 'nobody is illegal'
29th of July to 6th of August 2000
in Forst / Brandenburg
welcome to Telecity Forst 

the program

events and activities from 28.07. to 06.08.2000

the following events are planned during the bordercamp 2000

fixed daily dates:

  • 10.00 assembly of delegates
  • 20.00-21.00 plenary assembly

friday, 28.7., Forst

  • 17.00 meeting point in Forst at the watertower (Wasserturm),
    watch out for further information

saturday, 29.7., Forst

  • 15.00 citywalk "Here we are!"  through Forst to the refugee-habitation
  • 20.00 opening assembly with stage performance
  • 21.00 opening concert at the Feldschloesschenplatz

sunday, 30.7., Forst

  • 11.00 working-group meeting "ZAST-Aktion"
  • 15.00 (new time!) Guben: Teach-in against anti-semitism at the war graves location ("Kriegsgräberstätte")
  • 14.00 soccer match with refugee-groups and Energy Cottbus at the Wasserstadion
  • 17.00 event on the Mexiko-Camp
  • 21.00 discussion: our attitude towards racism, state and population

monday, 31.7., Forst

  • 13.00 workshop on politics of identity and organization
  • 17.00 discussion: racism, the left and the war
  • 21.00 discussion about work and poverty

tuesday, 1.8., Forst

  • 11.00 Meeting on identity politics (second part: practical implications)
  • 14.00 - 19.00: exchange of coupons with refugees from Forst in front of the "spar" supermarket in the Rüdigerstrasse (Forst)
  • 14.00 Workgroup "Antisemitism" (second part)
  • 14.00 Infos about "Totalverweigerer" (people resisting to join the army)
  • 19.00 meeting concerning the history and problems of ecape aid -- in the town hall Forst, Movie "Mit fremder Hilfe" (with the help of others)
  • 19.00 Discussion about legal topics when dealing with nazis
  • 21.00 discussion with "The Voice" (Jena) about "Residenzpflicht" for refugees

wednesday, 2.8., Guben/Forst

  • during day Guben: postposition of the Guben trials
  • 12.00 Labour and migration - second part
  • 15.00 "Lufthansa-deportation-class" - workshop about the campaign
  • 17.00 event concernig the legal relations against nazis -- in the town hall Guben
  • 19.00 informations on demonstration against surveillance
  • 21.00 discussion on the history of antiracism in the F.R.G.

thursday, 3.8., Forst/Cottbus

  • 11.00 "Hoch lebe die Arbeit, so hoch, dass keiner drankommt!" - parade with the subject "work" to the employment office in Forst
  • 19.00 informations on the strike of the refugees against Residenzpflicht and for work-permit
  • during day action about the situation at the refugee-habitation in Cottbus
  • 21.00 information event "werewolf, armes, Werthebach - who is the anti-antifa?"

friday, 4.8., Eisenhüttenstadt/Forst

  • during day action against ZAST and the prison of deportation
  • 21.00 discussion with "The Voice"/Jena on the subject "deportation: not only inhuman, but also criminell!"
  • 21.00 workshop on IMF/worldbank-meeting in prague in Prague

saturday, 5.8., Forst

  • during day final discussion
  • nationwide coordination-meeting on IMF/worldbank-meeting in Prague
  • 22.00 closing party at the camp

sunday, 6.8., Forst/departure

  • tiding up and collective departure

other (possible) events:

  • workshop on the campaign "Lufthansa"
  • actions on the subject BGS and border
  • filmscreenings in public space


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