Bordercamp 2000

3rd antiracist bordercamp
by the campaign 'no one is illegal'
29th of July to 6th of August 2000
in Forst / Brandenburg / Germany
welcome to Telecity Forst 

The Voice Africa Forum

An Appeal from Political Prisoners in Cameroon

The following information is presented to the grenzcamp by delegates of the Mountain Mourners (with The Voice Africa Forum) on their campaign trip to europe. These people are:
Mbih Macelenus Ntih
Numfor Festus Chebe
Ndi Findley N.
Neba Walters Fobeteh
Tachot Joseph

Anglophone Prisoners of Conscience
Yaounde Maximum Security Prison
c/o Mr. Peter kum Che Mebeng
P.O.Box 12214
Tel: (237) 31-20-05
Fax: (237) 31-20-06
Yaounde, The Cameroons
Friday, May 26, 2000

To all people of goodwill

An appeal for urgent financial assistance

We the eighteen Anglophone Prisoners of Conscience, members of the Southern Cameroons National Council, the SCNC, the peoples legitimate organisation clamouring for the implementation of united Nations Organisation Article 76(b) which calls for the self-determination of the two English speaking provinces of the Cameroons known as the Southern Cameroons wish to come before you to appeal for an urgent financial assistance.

We were tried in the Yarounde Military Court from April 14th to October 5th 1999 in one of history\\\\'s most politically flawed trial of the last century on trump-up charges and sentenced to very long prison terms ranging from eight years to life imprisonment. We were tried in a language we do not understand under a legal system foreign to the common law system which we are familiar with. After the said trial, which was highly condemned by both national and international human right groups such as the amnesty international- based Human Rights Defence Group and the London-based Amnesty International, our lawyers filed in a motion for a retrial at the Yarounde Court of Appeal.

As we write to you today our leading defence counsel Hon Joseph Mbah Ndam has informed us that the retrial will begin soon and there is virtually no money to pay the defence team. It is therefore on this ground that we are humbly appealing to all people of goodwill and our friends and sympathisers of the international community to please come to our aid financially so that our lawyers could be paid. We count on your usual kind understanding and cooperation. May god bless you all !

Sincerely Yours, The Anglophone Prisoners of Conscience

Please contact The Voice Africa Forum for freedom of political prisoners in Cameroon
Financial contact:
konto: 0231 633 905
BLZ: 860 100 90
postbank Leipzig
keyword: Political Prisoners in Cameroon

List of sentenced people:

Names Status Jail Term
Martin Cheonomu Plumber 8 years
Wilson Neba Che Driver 8 years
Samuel Neba Che Farmer 8 years
Pilip Tete retired railway worker 10 years
Charles Njakoy Chinn Agric. Technical 10 years
Daniel Ntanen Ndifon Student 10 years
Adelbert Ngek Student 10 years
Promise Nyamsai Farmer 10 years
Job Bolewa Farmer 10 years
Thomas Fonkwa Farmer 10 years
Zacharia Khan Ndifet Farmer 15 years
Atambun Geh Sama Student 15 years
Ebenzer D. Akwanga Mbongo Student 20 years
Julius Ngu Ndi Student 20 years
Roland Tata Mndze Farmer 20 years
Simon Ngek Kwei Agric. Technican Life Jail
Lukong Jumban Hassan Farmer Life Jail
Jumven Edwin Farmer Life Jail

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