Bordercamp 2000

3rd antiracist bordercamp
by the campaign 'no one is illegal'
29th of July to 6th of August 2000
in Forst / Brandenburg / Germany
welcome to Telecity Forst 


Invitation to the Third Anti-Racist Border Camp


"What strikes me most is that you cannot see any country borders. I suddenly realised that the borderlines shown on maps are just creations in people\\'s minds." (Ulf Merbold, astronaut)

Well, we cannot offer a trip to the moon, unfortunately. But the camp still offers possibilities to examine the findings cited above. When a person crosses the river Neisse he is not stopped by invisible powers or forces from entering the Federal Republic of Germany. Those which stop him have names and functions. They are made of flesh and blood and are hiding behind the fulfilment of duties as well as national or European responsibilities:

The German Federal Border Police (BGS). The Federal Ministry of the Interior. The Central Authorities for Foreigners. Others willingly execute the desires of silent majorities by using the language of violence against people of colour, people of a different nationality or opinion, attacking or occasionally killing them:

German neo-nazis and fascists. Many contribute their part by looking the other way, by not intervening, remaining silent or even by denouncing the victims:

German citizens.

This mixture of xenophobia, racism, and social as well as state-organised persecution we call the BORDER REGIME.

Against this conglomeration of German every-day life we are again organising a camp at the Polish-German border.

State racism through prohibition of work, deportation, internment, restricted freedom of movement and police suspicion will be discussed as well as strategies against racist opinions and propaganda found in pubs and living-rooms.

The camp will also examine the concept for building tolerance in the region of Brandenburg (´Tolerantes Brandenburg´) organised by the regional government. We will provide a forum for criticism to all those who have no voice or are not heard within the concept. They are cordially invited to participate with their wishes and demands.

Our aim is clear:

  • advocate the interests of migrants and refugees
  • encouragement, support and co-operation of initiatives which want to stop racist street brutality, inhuman treatment at foreign administration offices and the hunt for human beings at the border.
  • a public critique of the conditions which lead to such situations.
  • the disruption and irritation of the border regime.

Like last year, we would like to have a meeting of friends with political and cultural discussion and action. The convergence of different personal, cultural and political backgrounds and experiences is intentional. An important aspect is the self-organisation of the participants. We expect that people accept responsibilities in camp life and we look forward to open-mindedness, which hopefully will foster lots of ideas for actions and inspiring encounters.

See ya,
the camp organisation.

Equal rights for refugees and migrants!
Open borders!
No more deportations!
Support refugees!

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