Wo liegt Park Fiction? How to get there?

Park Fiction / Antonipark liegt in Hamburg-St. Pauli, dort wo die Strassen Bernhard-Nocht-Strasse, Antonistrasse, St.Pauli-Hafenstrasse und Pinnasberg zusammentreffen. Der Schauermannspark und der Garten der St. Pauli Kirche gehören ebenfalls zu Park Fiction. Der Golden Pudel Klub und die St. Pauli Kirche liegen mitten im Park. park fiction map Mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln erreichen sie Park Fiction: Von Hamburg Hauptbahnhof S-Bahn: S3 oder S1 Richtung Altona, bis S-Bahnstation "Reeperbahn", Ausgang Richtung Spielbudenplatz, bei Crazy Jeans rechts abbiegen in den Silbersack, dem natürlichen Verlauf der Strasse folgen (die nach 100 Metern "Balduinstrasse" heisst), dann rechts in die Bernhard Nocht Strasse hinein bis zu den Palmen. Von Hamburg Hauptbahnhof oder Bahnhof Altona mit Bus 112 bis "Hafentreppe", über die Betonbrücke oder die Treppen hoch in den Park.

Park Fiction Kontakt / Impressum / V.i.S.d.P.

Park Fiction is a collective project by interventionist residents from St. Pauli. Nevertheless: authorized materials and official informations on Park Fiction can only be found on this website and through:


Park Fiction

artistic coordination, V.i.S.d.P.:
Christoph Schäfer
Bernhard Nocht Strasse 51
20359 Hamburg

director of archives, film, video:
Margit Czenki

The "Park Fiction Archive for Independent Urbanism" will open soon in the 2nd floor of the Golden Pudel Club (see map). Opening hours to be announced. Visits on appointment.

architects who worked for Park Fiction:

Volker Schmidt was founding member and built the first model (1994, 1995)

Ellen Schmeisser was, like the artistic coordination, part of the park group (1995-1998) and later officially employed by the city of Hamburg to collaborate with the residents for the first but crucial planning phase and the "production of desires" (1997-1999)
Ellen Schmeisser left the group and quit the job because she started working as an architect in a different city. She recommended arbos landscape architects, who were then suggested as collaborators by the Park Fiction.

arbos have worked very closely with the artistic coordination on translating the resident's plans and designs into a buildable park since 1999.

Contact / Impressum

Image v.i.s.d.p.:

Park Fiction
Christoph Schäfer
Bernhard Nocht Strasse 51
20359 Hamburg

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