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Legal Info

post g8 updates

The translations of the G8 Legal Support Group [www.g8legalsupport.info] are now fully completed & ready in the following languages:

Thank you to everyone who came forward to help with this. They will be going up on the legal support group website at some stage, but in the meantime if you want a copy please email me privately at guardianangelatwebtribe.net

We will not be printing them off (though copies to consult will be available at the legal centres at the convergence spaces) so we are asking people to make their own copies before coming to Scotland, and help distribute them through their own country's networks (mailing lists/websites/etc). Warning though - the G8 Legal Support Groups telephone lines dont go live until 1st July. In the meantime if you have any legal enquiries please send them to g8legalsupportatriseup.net

If you want to help with translating into languages not covered here then please get in touch - there is still time to do it over the next week, but again email me privately about it.

See you in Scotland

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