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Anti-G8 timeline

March 8 Brighton Anti-G8 meeting, The Cowley Club, 12 London Road,
10 Employment ministers meeting, London
LondonM10 protest info
11 "Working groups against work" action
12 Anti-G8 benefit gig, Nottingham
14 Counter Summit - Tackling Blair's G8 Greenwash, London
counter summit info
15 to 16 Energy & Development ministers round table, Noise demo
17 to 18 Environment Ministers meeting, Derby
DerbyM17 protest info: www.dissent.org.uk
19 to 20

Convergence Space meeting in Edinburgh
Email reshapeatriseup.net for more info


International Networking meeting in London
contact: info-g82005atriseup.net


International Networking meeting in Leeds
contact: info-g82005atriseup.net

26 to 27

Other working groups and Dissent! folks meet in Leeds
(yes, it is during Easter, but a vegan easter egg hunt is being planned...)

April 6 to 10 Festival of Dissent, Lanarkshire
see: festival of dissent (de)

Bristol G8 Dissent! – «Info for Action»
Saturday 9 April, 10.30am to 5.30pm. Malcolm X Centre, Ashley Rd/City Road, St Pauls, Bristol BS6. All welcome!

9 to 10

german speaking network meeting, Mannheim
contact: g8info-ma-hdatriseup.net

30 Critical Mass Against G8 & Climate Change, Steingardens, Worthing, 2pm see: calls for actions

Revolution Activists in France are planing various decentralized actions making "The Revolution". You are invited to do some actions autonomously in your own comunity/ city...

May 21-22

Gathering in Nottingham – nottinghamdissentatriseup.net


G8 Earth Activist Training. A short permaculture course preparing for the planned

June June-July

«Cre8summat» A project to support positive social and ecological projects in south side of Glasgow . contact: cre8summitatriseup.net – 07981 954 132

Cre8summit poster (pdf 820KB)

  • Sun 12th June noon onwards: Community Gardens Eclintonoll open day
  • Mon 13th - Fri 17th June: Gardening action Week
  • Sun 3rd July: Family Festival

encampments and convergence centres leading up to the G8 protests.

10 to 11 G8 Finance Ministers meeting, London
16 to 17 G8 Justice & Interior Ministers, Sheffield

Bike Caravan to Gleneagles begins in Brighton.
more details: www.g8cyclecaravan.org and www.g8bikeride.org.uk


Jubilee Rickshaw Freedom Riders Depart Westminster to Edinburgh
more details: http://www.wfinger.demon.co.uk/rickshaw/

1 week before Setting up the camps (rural converge spaces)
July Fri 1 Edinburgh Critical Mass
Fri 1
Sat 2

Make Poverty History march in Edinburgh. Up to 200,000 expected. www.makepovertyhistory.org

Sun 3
Mon 4
  • Bike Caravan arrives.
  • Carnival for full enjoyment Central Edinburgh
  • Day of Action against the armed wing of Globalisation. Big Blockade of Faslane Nuclear Submarine Base. Called for by Trident Ploughshares and CND. – www.faslaneg8.com
  • American Independence Day. Anti-militarist actions.
  • «Working Group Against Work» Actions. A carnivalesque parade through Edinburgh, visiting places responsible for the increasingly precarious way in which we experience work and life: dole offices, debt collectors, employment agencies and more. www.dissent.org.uk
Tue 5
  • Beacons of Dissent! Action. An attempt to light beacons on the hills surrounding the G8 Summit the night before the Conference begins.
  • No Borders Demo at Dungavel Detention Center
Wen 6

global day of action Everybody who will not travel to Scotland is invited to do actions autonomously in his own comunity/ city around the globe... A list of announced actions will follow as soon as possible!

Wen 6

Blockades of the Summit.

  • Different styles of action will be used to blockade different routes to Gleneagles. www.dissent.org.uk
  • Demonstration. A demonstration from Gleneagles train station, via the entrance to the Hotel, to a nearby park has been called for by G8 Alternatives. www.g8alternatives.org.uk
  • Global Day of Action. A day of decentralised action, in villages, towns and cities worldwide has been called for by the Peoples' Global Action European Conference and the 'Caracol Intergalaktika', an autonomous space within the International Youth Camp at the World Social Forum. www.agp.org
  • Autonomous Kids 'Mad Hatters Tea Party' near Gleneagles
  • Autonomous golfing actions in preparation for the People's Golfing Association open golf tournament.

Hill-walking actions in the Ochil Hills, south-east of Gleneagles. www.dissent.org.uk

Thu 7
  • Day put aside for prisoner support and decentralised actions around the area coming from the convergence spaces. Blockades might continue from day before
  • Peoples' Golfing Action (PGA) Actions. An attempt to hold a people's golf tournament on Gleneagles golf course. Plus fours not required.
Fri 8

International day of action against the causes of climate change. www.dissent.org.uk

Other actions, including actions by an autonomous kids group, the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (CIRCA: www.clownarmy.org), the G8 Feminist Action (http://g8feministaction.frockon.org) and a queer anti-G8 group (www.queeruption.org.uk/queerg8) and others are being planned throughout the Summit.

More people are needed to get involved with organising the above actions. Follow the web links, get in touch and get involved! If there's nothing which appeals to you here, get together with others and start organising something of your own.

After July
  • Post traumatic stress workshops
  • Legal Support
  • Solidarity with FTAA (Argentinia) + World Bank/IMF/WTO meeting in December
August 6-7

Note: The timetable is an indication of events happening around the country, not all events are listed, some are subject to change and news events will be announced. Please check the dissent website for future details: www.dissent.org.uk

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