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Come to the Cabar8!

July 1st Bongo Club
37 Holyrood Road, Edinburgh

9pm-3am and celebrate the creative genius, the inspiring tours, and our diverse resistance to the G8.

In the months leading up to the summit, artists, musicians, comedians, activists, film makers, educators and outreachers have outpoured their rantings and ravings up and down the islands to involve as many as possible in the creative resistance to the G8. Come to the Cabar8 brings together Schnews, Rob Newman, the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army, Dr Skip Justice, G8 slam poetry, Julie Dawid, MC's Tickle and Hustle, visuals by global eye, and more - a night of suprises and fun. Food will be served by the Geishas of Gaiety and dancing led by Kevy K, the lurve reaction and the disco block.

All proceeds to post G8

Join the spectacular and get inspired for the week ahead. Hosted by TRAPESE and SEAD, (Scottish Education and Action for Development)

TRAPESE,take*radical*action*through*popular*education*and sustainable*everything (www.trapese.org)

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