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Festival of Dissent
6th-10th April Lanarkshire

Learn Skills - Network - Get Inspired - Take Action

Final Festival Press Release

... 6th-10th April Lanarkshire.... A chance to form networks of resistance... A chance to plot, conspire, and dream about resistance to the G8... To meet people learn skills, share information, practice direct action, and party together.

The G8 is the annual meeting of the leaders of the worlds most powerful countries. It is a major symbol of capitalism: a summit where rich governments plan how to stay rich. Since 1998, these summits have been resisted wherever they have attempted to meet. Protests have erupted on every continent, fuelled by the extremes of wealth and poverty, by military repression, and by environmental breakdown. In July 2005, the G8 comes to the UK.

Dissent! is a network made up of individuals and groups planning to use creative direct action and civil disobedience to resist the presence of the G8 in the UK. It has no leaders, no membership list, and no paid staff. Ideas for action so far include targeting the oil and war industries, the practical rejuvenation of neglected communities in Scotland, and disruption of the summit itself. Dissent! is acting as a focal point for coordination of resistance to the G8 and for continued radical action against capitalism into the future. The Festival of Dissent! will be the best chance before the Summit arrives to get together, learn skills, share info, plan, and get inspired about protests at the Summit.


* Planning action at the G8 * Direct action training * Background on the G8 * Consensus decision making * Blockading * Hill walking and navigation * Corporate involvement in the G8 * Scottish law and legal training * Training for trainers * Medical training * and much more.

The exact location of the festival will be revealed the week before the event. Due to limited space, to find out the location you will need to register by emailing festivalofdissentatriseup.net or writing to Festival of Dissent!, Box 8, 245 Gladstone Street, Forest Fields, Nottingham

You do not need to tell us names just numbers of people coming.

For arranging transport the closest main train and coach stations are in Glasgow. For car sharing please check out http://www.cambridgeaction.net/thepond

Practical Information for Festival of Dissent!

Dates: The Gathering will take place from Wednesday the 6th - Sunday 10th of April. Help will be needed for set up and tat down, both before and after the Gathering.

Attending: Please note that the capacity of the venue is limited. It is essential that those wanting to attend register at festivalofdissentatriseup.net

Location: The Gathering will be happening in rural Lanarkshire, at Coalburn, South Lanarkshire, ML11 0NJ.

zoom out!

Public Transport: The closest main train and coach stations are at Glasgow. From Glasgow you need to get to Hamilton. Take the train to Hamilton from Glasgow Central (lower level), or take the X1 bus from Buchanan Street bus station. From Hamilton bus station, stance 10, take either the X50 and get off at Cairnhouses (sadly this service is now very limited) or take the 253 service which departs from stance 10 every half hour. Take this bus to the very last stop, destination of Coalburn, and continue by foot along this road for approximately 2 miles. The site is by the very last house on the right before the road joins the dual carriageway.

Accommodation: Will be camping, there is limited indoor accommodation available, please get in touch if you need it. Remember this is camping in rural Scotland, please bring warm clothes, waterproofs, wellies or boots and torches.

Dogs: Due to local livestock and domestic animals on site there will be a strict no dogs policy.

Parking: Parking at or near the site is very limited, please try and come by public transport. If you need to drive, you must contact us beforehand so we can arrange it.

Food: Catering will be by the Anarchist Teapot. The food will be vegan, mainly organic and cooked by volunteers, help is always welcome. If you have any special dietary requests you must get in touch beforehand. Food will cost £4/£3 concessions per day and for children under 15 £3/£2.50 concessions per day.

Creche: There will be a creche provided, but please let us know if you are bringing children.

Cost: The cost of the gathering will be £10 to cover costs, any extra will be given to Dissent!

Workshops/Training: If there is anything you would like to see there or anything you can offer, please get in touch and we will try and sort it out.

Volunteers: For this event to reach its full potential, we need people to help both now in planning it and on the day in helping out. A full wish list of tat and help required will appear soon. To get involved subscribe to the Festival of Dissent! email list: festivalofdissent-subscribeatlists.riseup.net

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