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Sunday 3rd of July, 10-12 am

University of Edinburgh
Balcony Room
Student Union Tibiot Building
Bristo Square
Edinburgh EH1

International Networking Evaluation Meeting

The workshop is, of course, open to all, but it'd be expecially great if people who have either been involved in the international mobilisation around the Summit; with the Dissent! International Networking Group; or those who are interested or involved in the mobilisations around the 2006 or 2007 G8 Summits came along.

Here's the preliminary workshop outline:

Title: And where do we go from here? An evaluation of the international mobilisation against the 2005 G8 Summit, and a discussion about the future

Preliminary Workshop Outline: A chance to critically reflect on the process of international network building in the run up to the 2005 G8 Summit. To what extent have international networks, no matter how tentative, been built through the mobilisation against the Summit? What are the implications of this? Have new possibilities been opened up? What may be the reasons for any real or perceived failings in terms of international network building? If new international networks can be considered to have emerged, where should they focus their energies from now? How can these networks be strengthened? Should the 2006 G8 Summit in Russia and the 2007 Summit in Germany be the next focus of our energies? If so, how could these mobilisations overcome some of the limitations encountered in the mobilisation surrounding this year's Summit?

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