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Call Out to South Wales Dissent! Gathering
6th/7th August 2005

Over the last 18 months or so, the Dissent! Network has facilitated the networking of autonomous groups and individuals to mobilise opposition to the G8 summit in Gleneagles.

Now that the summit is over it is time to reflect on that mobilisation, and consider where to go from here.

With this in mind, activists from across South Wales have come together to issue this Call Out' to all autonomous groups and individuals with interest in the Dissent Network, past present or future, to attend a gathering in Monmouth, South Wales over the weekend of 6th/7th August 2005.

The agenda is yet to be finalised by the Process Group, but it is intended to consider and learn from the successes and failures the last 18 months of Dissent!; discuss if and how the network continues; discuss support for those that have to deal with legal consequences following the summit mobilisation; and consider forthcoming events which some may wish to mobilise for.

The gathering will take place at Highbury Farm, Redbrook, Monmouth, South Wales. Directions can be found at http://riseup.net/cardiffanarchists . There will be space for camping, so please bring tents (or a friend with a tent!). For those who don't have a tent, there is a large draughty barn for you to sleep in, though you will still need a sleeping bag. Food will be available from the SWAG8 kitchen. Donations (10ish?) to cover the cost of the gathering will be welcome.

Booking is not essential, but if loads of people turn up without letting us know they are coming, we might run out of food, toilet rolls and vegan sticky toffee cake. PLEASE let us know if you plan on coming by e-mailing cardiffanarchistsatriseup.net


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