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Global Social Disobedience
actions around the world December 20/21 2002


Read the call to action: castellano | deutsch | dutch | english | english (america) | norwegian | português | swedish
Alternative call to action from America here >>>

Here is a little overview of different countries. The list is (of course) not complete and is made of news and information out of the different countries. Send updated information to the mailing list (listraaf.be).


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Here in Belgium we had another meeting to prepare D20-D21 and we decided to focus mainly on banks with a kind of "permanent image guerilla". On the following ideas we're working for the moment with different action groups out of the main cities in Flandres and Brussels:


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Nights of Rage/Days of Disobedience - 20/21 December: in solidarity with the everyday acts of disobedience, a call-out for actions and individual acts of defiance against those institutions which enforce control.

For further details see this page >>>

Two other D20-related events in the UK:

The other cinema (ex Metro cinema), an independent cinema in central London, are up for a day of films and discussion about Argentina's rebellion on Sunday afternoon (22nd Dec). This should be a great event, its organised by a guy who managed to get several hundred people to watch and discuss the whole of the Gusman trilogy of films about Chile (famous battle of chile film being one of them) over a Sunday afternoon on Sept 11th this year, the anniversary of the 1973 Chile coup. (If anyone has films they think should be show, contact Gareth Evans: garethdrifting.demon.co.uk

The Guardian colour magazine on Saturday are going to run a 6000 word cover feature on the rebellion the weekend before D20, written by Naomi Klein and John Jordan with lots of pictures by Argentina IMC etc.



The party will be in three stages:

First there will be an evening at Zaal 100 (De Wittenstraat 100) on December 14th. It will consist of a mixture of culture, information and entertainment, starting at 20.00 hours.

In the evening of December 20th there will be an outdoor public screening of the Italy Indymedia video about Argentina on the building of the stock exchange in Amsterdam (Beursplein, 20.00 hours).

On the 21th there is something planned that got the title AHhhh Pinata Argentina (AH = Albert Heyn, big Dutch supermarket chain owning large part of supermarkets in Argentina). Some nice things will happen in the centre of the city with the aid of the infrastructures of the big shops and banks concentrated there and we hope people will also add their own initiative.

More information on these actions soon...


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Our actions for the 20/21 December take part in Berne. In the afternoon of the 20th we have a "Reclaim the Shops". In the evening we want to show a film about Argentina, and on the 21st we will have an RTS against Christmas consumerism.


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Some people who come from the dinners discussing about the next YOMANGO action over here on 20th and 21st December (we continue making the YOMANGO dinners - the menu is cooked with stolen products - every two weeks. Eveytime more and more people are enjoying them, last one more than 70 persons.)

The idea of YOMANGO-TANGO is growing and growing. By the moment some people is already investigating some places - commercial centers - where we could do the action, other people are making the graphic part of it, others are making the contacts with the media, other group will care about the "security" of the action (stoping the police if they come, etc). In this moment we think we will make the action during the two days, two strikes!: first day we will go to dance and steal food in a big corporate supermarket, then the second day we will make a dinner with all those stolen products inside of a bank - a BBVV bank which is one the most responsable of the Argentinean economic crisis.

In some weeks we will make the first weekend workshop mixing a classical civil disobedience workshop and dynamics with TANGO dance, "how to use the TANGO moves to steal things from corporations".

Buenos Aires/Argentina

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Regarding actions here, as I told you, huge demonstrations are expected. My own Asamblea is organising a coalition for an "Urban Piquete" for the 19th, consisting in the blockade of the central stock market and the buildings of all the big banks and corporations in the city center. The idea is to stop big business and financial economy for one day.

With Intergalactika Buenos Aires and ATTAC, we are producing a video to screen on the street that day. We want to show the many effects that the Argentinean rebellion had in other parts of the world. Common Argentineans are still completely unaware of all the actions inspired in the cacerolazos and the piquetes that happened around the world. They are also unaware of the extent to which the new political experiences that we are exploring have inspired activists in many other countries.

So our idea is to expand global consciousness here, by showing how something we did linked with struggles in different parts of the world. The documentary will combine images of actions for Argentina in Canada, USA, Europe, and other Latin American countries, with interviews with local and international activists speaking about that. We are planning to hire a huge mobile screen to sceen it during the big demonstrations that are expected in Buenos Aires on the 20th December. After that, we will organise a "tour" of smaller screenings in all the places we can.

Now its time: global social disobedience on 20th December - think of actions and start resisting...

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