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January 18 - April 2001 Tour of Proceso de Comunidades Negras in Europe

January 2001: Davos/ CH: World Economic Forum
reports | photos
January 2001: "World Social Forum" (Porto Allegre, Brazil)
critique on the Forum (en/ pt)

February 2001: www.d4mx.org WEF Mexico
pictures from the demo


February 18-19 2001: G20 Istanbul

up from February 2001: Daewoo Workers Strike, South Korea

February 2001: Mexico: March to Mexico City (Call Out by EZLN)

March 15-17 2001: www.noglobal.org OECD Meeting, Neapel/ Italy
some pictures of the manifestation

noglobal Napoli
noglobal Napoli

March 18-19 2001: Protests against the Interamerican Bank for Development Santiago de Chile

March 24-25 2001: European Meeting of Peoples' Global Action, Milan

March 27-28 2001: Chiang Mai/ Thailand Anti-WTO Protest

April 20-22 2001:
Quebec/ Canada, FTAA Summit
A20: www.nadir.org/nadir/initiativ/agp/a20

A20 Quebec

April 26-30 IMF - World Bank Spring Meeting Washington

April 21 2001: Malmö: Police attacks EU demonstration

May 9-11 2001: Hawai: ADB Meeting

June 6-8 2001: World Economic Forum Durban

Summits and Actions this Summer in Europe :
read some stuff at the milan sites
Related to the Summits: No-Border Tour:

June 10 2001: Madrid: Protest against George W. Bush

June 12 2001: Freiburg: French-German Summit

June 14-16 2001: motkraft.net/gbg2001   www.j15.org   EU Summit Gotheburg/ Sweden
Indymedia Sweden http://sweden.indymedia.org
Ya Basta! Finland (White Overalls) www.valkohaalarit.org
Autonome AntiFa Nordost (german) http://www.nadir.org/nadir/initiativ/aanb/start.html
reports/ berichte | photos

June 25-27 2001: World Bank Meeting Barcelona/ Spain
Photos of the Protests


June 30 - July 3 2001: WEF Salzburg/ Austria
info | photos


July 16-27 2001: Bonn, Climate Conference www.risingtide.de

July 20-22 2001: G8 Summit, Genoa, Italy
pretaste: Demonstration against G8 Meeting in Trieste (March 2001)
PGA meeting, Genoa, 12-15.7.
Rete Contro G8 www.controg8.org/
STOP G8 www.ecn.org/stopg8/
Studenti Contro Il G8 www.ecn.org/studentivsg8/
Genoa Reports  Genoa Pictures


Action-/ Border-Camps and Caravans
No-Border Tour:
Carnival Caravan: www.carnivalcaravan.net

July 2-8: Bordercamp Tarifa, Spain www.sindominio.net/ninguna/

July 4-8: Bordercamp Lendava, Slovenia www.ljudmila.org/globala/internacional/summer_camp_petisovci_slovenia.htm

July 5-12: Bordercamp Krinki, Poland / Bialystok, Belarus

July 27 - August 5: Bordercamp Frankfurt, Germany www.aktivgegenabschiebung.de/camp01/

July - August: environmental actioncamp: Votkinsk, Udmurtiya, Russia

September: Boao China "WEF of ASIA" launch

September 16-23 2001 3rd PGA Conference Cochabamba, Bolivia

PGA South America Caravan Starting in Cochabamba September 2001

September 28 2001: Banderas Negras Protesta anti-globalización Bogotá, Colombia

September 29-30: WB/ IMF Annual Meeting/ Washington DC www.september30.org
CANCELLED because of the terror attacks September 11
Anti-Capitalist Convergence www.abolishthebank.org
Zapatista Block www.geocities.com/zapatistablock/
some pics & summary

October 7-9 2001: WEF meeting in Miami, Florida

October 2001: Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM) Singapore

October 12-13 2001: "Stop the TABD" - Counter-summit, Stockholm

October 19 2001: EU Summit Gent/ Belgium http://www.o19.be/

October 29-31 2001: WEF annual Asian Pacific Economic Summit/ Hong Kong

November 9-13 2001: Global Action against the WTO Ministerial in Qatar

November 16-19 2001: PGA-Europe Convenors Meeting/ Barcelona

November 17-18 2001: IMF & Worldbank Meeting/ Ottawa, Canada
17./18.11.: IWF und Co. in Ottawa (indymedia.de)

December 1st 2001: Israel Business Summit, Tel Aviv
Direct action at Israeli "Davos" by People Action initiative

Plaza de Mayo 19/12/2002December 13-15 2001: EU Summit Brussels belgium.indymedia.org
13 décembre : Manifestation syndicale www.accg.be
13 décembre à 15 heures : street party « Prenons le temps »
14 décembre à 11 heures : Manifestation internationale www.d14.be et http://ue.forumong.be
d14 compilation: http://belgium.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=14884

December 17-19: PGA-Europe meeting/ Leiden

December 19/20 Uprising in Argentina

[ see also: "calendrier international"]


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