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January 29 - February 3 1998 World Economic Forum Davos
Hotspring'98 (de)

February 1998 1st PGA Conference, Geneva | Demo 25.2. ( Photos)
1st Conference / WTO May 1998
Letter from the Geneva Welcoming Committee (PGA Bulletin #1)

March 1998 FTAA: 4th Trade Ministerial Meeting, San Jose, Costa Rica

April 13-17 1998 World Bank/ IMF Spring Meeting Washington
Hotspring'98 (de)

April 1998 2nd Summit of the Americas, Santiago, Chile
FTAA Negotiations "formally launched".
Das Alternative Gipfeltreffen der Völker (de)

May 8-12 1998 EBRD Annual Meeting, Kiev
Hotspring'98 (de)

May 15-17 1998 G8 Summit Birmingham
Street Party | Hotspring'98 (de)

May 18-20 1998 Geneva WTO Meeting & M16 Global Action Day
Call to Action (PGA Bullertin #1) Hotspring'98 (de)
M16 Global Action Day Reports (PGA Bullertin #2) | Photos: I | II | III
Index of May 98 Reports (en/es/fr)

June 14-16 1998 Cardiff EU Summit
Hotspring'98 (de)

June 27 1998 Protest Against European Central Bank Frankfurt

August 16-31 International Seminar: Globalisation and Resistance Geneva

September 9-12 People's International Conference Seoul, Korea
People Challenging the IMF: Neoliberalism, the IMF and International Solidarity

September 29 - October 8 1998 World Bank/ IMF Annual Meeting Washington

October 1998 Paris Citizens Summit against the MAI
Hotspring'98 (de)

November 8-11 1998 International Conference on Alternatives to Globalization Tagaytay City, Philippines

November 11-12 1998 Peasant Forum Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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January 1999 Davos World Economic Forum

April 20-28 1999 World Bank/ IMF Spring Meeting Washington

May 7-11 1999 Paris premières Fora des Villages et cités du Monde

May 23 - June 2nd 1999 Cologne99 Bicycle caravan "Money or Life"

May 22 - June 22 1999  http://squat.net/caravan/

May 29 1999 Cologne99 Manif of European Marches

June 1999 "Cologne99" EU & G8 Summit
June 3 1999 International Demonstration against the EU Summit
J18 Global Action Day
J18 Bulletin # 2
J18 Global Action Day Reports

August 23-26 1999 2nd PGA Conference Bangalore

October 15 1999 Tampere EU Summit

September 1999 United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Mexico City

September 19 1999 Ministerial Meeting of the Group of 77 Havanna, Cuba

September 25-30 1998 World Bank/ IMF Annual Meeting Washington

October 29-30 1999 Trans Atlantic Business Dialogue Meeting Berlin

seattleNovember 1999 WTO Ministerial & N30 Global Action Day Seattle, USA
PGA US Caravan
Seattle Reports
N30 Global Action Day
Seattle Gallery at infoshop.org: http://infoshop.org/octo/wto-pix.html

Decermber 6-11 1999 Belem Second American Encuentro

1994... (from the PGA History)

It wasn't in the acridmist of Seattle's tear gas that this global movement was born, but inthe humid mist of the Chiapas jungle, in Southern Mexico on New Years Day 1994 the day. This was the day the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) came into effect, a day when two thousand indigenous peoples from several groups came out from the mountainsand forests. Masked, armed and calling themselves Zapatistas, their battle cry was "Ya Basta" - "Enough is Enough". An extraordinary popular uprising, which was to help change the landscape of global resistance, had begun. Using a jungle battered laptop computer and intermediaries to get the discs to an internetconnected computer, the Zapatistas were able to bypass the media censorship of the Mexican state and communicate directly. People everywhere soon heard of the uprising.

These masked rebels, from poverty stricken communities, were not only demanding that their own land andlives be given back, neither were they just asking for international support and solidarity; they were talking about neoliberalism, about the "death sentence" that NAFTA and other free trade agreements would impose on indigenous people. They were demanding the dissolution of power while encouraging others all over the world to take on the fight against the enclosure of our lives by capital. "Don't join us - do ityourself" was their message.

The sense of possibility that this uprising gave to millions of people across the globe was extraordinary. In 1996, the Zapatistas, with trepidation as they thought no-one might come, sent out an email calling for a gathering, called an "encuentro" (encounter), of international activists and intellectuals to meet inspecially constructed arenas in the Chiapas jungle to discuss commontactics, problems and solutions. Six thousand people attended, and spent days talking and sharing their stories of struggle againstthe common enemy: capitalism.

2nd Intercontinental Encounter
of Peoples against Neo-liberalism

(SPAIN, 25 JULY - 2 AUGUST 1997)
copy at www.agp.org

bcn 1007

This was followed a year later by a gathering in Spain, wherethe idea for the construction of a more action focused network, to benamed Peoples' Global Action (PGA), was hatched by a group made up ofactivists from ten of the largest and most innovative socialmovements. They included the Zapatistas, Movimento Sem Terra, (the Brazilian Landless Peasants Movement who occupy and liveon large tracts of unproductive land) and the Karnataka State Farmers Union (KRRS), renowned for their "cremate Monsanto" campaign which involved burning fields of Genetically Modifiedcrops.

The group (who became the PGA convenors committee, a role that rotates every year) drafted a document outlining some of the primary objectives and organisationalprinciples of the emerging network. It outlined a firm rejection ofappeals to those in power for reforms to the present world order. Asupport for direct action as a means of communities reclaimingcontrol over their lives, and an organisational philosophy based onautonomy and decentralisation. In February 1998, Peoples' Global Action was born. For the first time ever the worldsgrassroots movements were beginning to talk and share experienceswithout the mediation of the media or Non Governmental Organisations (NGO's).