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Actions against Globalization
Ações contra a Globalização
Actions contre la Mondialisation

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January up

Bolivia: road blockades & mass mobilization

January 26-30 World Economic Forum Davos
January 26-31 World Social Forum Porto Alegre


February 11-12 NATO security conference Munich
February 11-13 3º Encuentro Latinoamericano de Organizaciones Populares Autonomas Ciudad de La Plata, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
February 12-15 PGA Europe Wintermeeting Linz, Austria
pga discussion
February 23 Bush in Mainz
February 26-27 g8-resistance meeting
Tuebingen, Southern Germany

March up

Guatemala: protest against CAFTA

March 8 Global Women's Strike
March 10-11, 2005 G8 Employment Ministers Meeting, London
March 15-16, 2005 International Energy/Environment Ministers Roundtable, London
March 17-18, 2005 G8 Environment and Development Ministers Meeting, Derbyshire
March 19 PGA Indian Meeting Delhi
Mammoth Rally 17th March, New Delhi
March 19 Global Action Day for Peace

April up

April 2 European day of action for freedom of movement and the right to stay
6-10th April Lanarkshire Scotland 'Festival of Dissent!'
A chance to plot, scheme and train ready for the G8.
April 15-17 Worldbank / IMF Spring Meeting Washington DC
April 17 International Day of Peasant Struggle
30th April The Revolution
do it yourself!
Activists in France are planing various decentralized actions making "The Revolution". You are invited to do some actions autonomously in your own comunity/ city...

May up

May 1 Euromayday

June up

June 11, 2005 G7 Finance Ministers Meeting, London (mini-G8)
June 16-17, 2005 G8 Justice and Interior Ministers Meeting, Sheffield, UK (mini-G8)
up from June 17 Bike Caravan to Gleneagles
Start in Brighton: June 17th – in London: June 19th
contact: www.g8bikeride.org.uk
June 2005 Urban convergence centre in Edinburgh or Glasgow available
Start of 'Community Anarchy Project' and other activist training in the urban convergence centre.

July up

July 6-8: G8 Summit... Gleneagles, Scotland
2 weeks before: 'Community Anarchy Project' actions start, supporting and initiating social and ecological projects in the area around Gleneagles, Glasgow and Edinburgh together with local residents.
1 week before: Setting up the camps (rural converge spaces).
Sat 2nd July: 'Make Poverty History' marches in Edinburgh with 'anti-capitalist presence'.
Sun 3rd July: 'Community Anarchy Project' Street Carnival born out of the community work that the community anarchy crew have been doing.
Mon 4th July: Trident Ploughshares Faslane Blockade of the nuclear submarine base.
Tue 5th July: Beacons of Dissent! Lighting fire beacons on the Ochil hills at night – The hill walkers start crossing the Ochil hills.
Wed 6th July: International day of action against the G8 summit 2005
Public and affinity group blockades of the access to the G8 Summit.
Autonomous Kids 'Mad Hatters Tea Party' near Gleneagles.
Thu 7th July: Day put aside for prisoner support and decentralised actions around the area coming from the convergence spaces. Blockades might continue from day before.
Fri 8th July: International day of action against climate change – A day of actions against climate change targets and mass energy profiteers.
Post-summit: People will be able to stay after the summit and have a chance to gather and network with the thousands of other dissidents to strategize and organize with the objective to continue to build resistance and alternatives post-summit.


End of July - August: Iceland Dam Protests & Blockades
July 26-30: General Council of People Geneva

September up

Hurricane Katria indymedia coverage
Feature at de.indymedia: http://germany.indymedia.org/2005/09/127346.shtml
September 24-25: World Bank / IMF Meeting Washington DC
reports & photos

October up

October EU deportations from spain/morocco into the desert
October 5-12: PGA consultation meeting India
October 12: 12 de Octubre - Día de la resistencia indígena America
October 14-15: XV Cumbre Iberoamericana Salamanca
October 15-21: Week of action against WTO Geneva
international demonstration — General Council of People
Call for international mobilizations: de | en | es | fr

paris is burning (october/november 2005)

November up

November 4-5: Cumbre de las Américas Mar del Plata, Argentina
November 18-20: Close the School of the Americas Ft. Benning, GA
November 18-20: PGA conference organisation meeting South France
castellano | français | italiano

December up

December 13-18 6th WTO Ministerial Conference Hong Kong, China
wto news

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