Global Action Days and Caravans

S26 Sao Paulo

Global Action Days:

May 16th, 1998
M16 Reports

June 18th

Reflections on J18
J18 Reports | Slide Show

November 30th

reports from N30 and Seattle

April 16th, Washington
A16 Reports

Mayday 2000
m2k calls & reports

s11 call & reports

September 26th

April 20th, Quebéc
July 2001 Genova G8
N9-13 2001
Global Action Days against WTO

March 11th IADB Fortaleza
October 12th against PPP and FTAA
Oct./Nov. FTAA Quito
Dec. 20/21 Argentina Solidarity

2003 - more global action


in the south

in the north

A short history of PGA

pga bus