P ! N k  A n D  S ! L V 3 R
FOR AN ANTI-G8 BLOC/kade in Lausanne and elsewhere

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Friday, May 16th 2003

to all nEighbourhood trouble-makers and fairies-in-the-flowers.
to eVery reclaimer of streets, counter of heartbeats and keeper of secrets.
to petty thIeves who are proud of it, and to hardcore vegans who are sick of it.
to the lover who cAn't get it up without a day of war behind him.
to the warrior who caN keep her cool, tasting the night of love ahead.

To anarchists not Black, socialists not Red and ecologists not Green.

We are calling:


Prague, September 2000

We invite you to join us in creating a PINK AND SILVER political and tactical space in Lausanne, during the approaching G8-Evian actions. We understand the heart of Pink and Silver as 'tactical frivolity': a creative, joyous, fun, diverse, fluid and life-affirming form of direct action and civil disobedience. A beautiful self-organised mongrel of party and protest, based on values such as autonomy, solidarity, diversity, initiative, indiscipline and mutual aid. Pink and Silver has both soft and hard edges, depending only on what you make of it, although they are usually both present in action and people can frolic from one to the other. If you want to know more about the story of Pink and Silver, visit the websites listed below. But you will always know Pink and Silver when you see it, because it is so, SO Pink and Silver. It's so Pink and Silver that anyone who has done it before begins to smile just talking about it - and this is scientifically proven.

We want to help shut down the G8 summit. We want to send those assholes back home with their thirst for blood and money unquenched. We want them and their cohorts to leave with our passionate cries of rage and joy ringing in their ears. And at least for a moment, on the morning of Sunday J1, after we have put out the fires around the lake and put on our armour (costumes and dreams) and weapons (feather-dusters and samba), we want their eyes to squint at the sunrise of our freedom.

What exactly we will do is something that we can only decide together, on the days before the summit. Instead of idolising any form of action or sticking to rigid (mis)conceptions of what things will or should be like, we can be open-minded and flexible. We want to do this in a collective structure based on affinity groups, one that cherishes decentralisation and autonomy alongside solidarity and coordination. A bunch of us are going to try to facilitate the creation of such a structure in Lausanne, and if other people and affinity groups want to do the same in Geneva, or anywhere else, that will be so fantastic we can't even describe it. For our part we will make our effort in Lausanne, and whoever wants to come to the party is warmly invited. Whatever our actions turn out to be, we want them to be something we will never forget, and forever tell good stories about.

We are calling a First Meeting of the Lausanne Pink and Silver:

Monday May 26th, 18:00, in the C'Village, Lausanne

Bring your teddy bear and stinkybombs.

Oh yeah, one more thing:

We understand Pink and Silver as neither "pacifist" nor "violent", because we think these concepts are useless and their dichotomy is absurd. We are tired to death of falling, again and again, into this trap of words. We respect the fact that among us there exist very different ideas about confrontation, and we embrace this diversity. We therefore want to imagine and create, together, a fluid and open space of creative and life-affirming protest/action. A space where our beautiful gestures of liberation can coexist, where all of us are in control of what is going on, and where each of us can choose, and change, what they do and how.

If utopia is for walking, then revolution is for dancing! Come out and play!

in Love and Struggle,

Wilhelm Tell
Comandante Eva Goldman
Robin Hood
Peter Pan
Princess Leia and the Ewoks
Osama ("Sasha") Bin-Leiden
The Hawaiian Bloc
Baron Munchausen
...and a bunch of real people who LOVE IT


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