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(mais ou menos) Grupos referem-se à AGP: Enlaces e Contatos
[* participant of the 3rd PGA Conference in Cochabamba]

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North America  

people's global action north america http://riseup.net/pga/



Europe (central & eastern, former SU)  

Europe (western & Israel/ Palestine)  


pga pacifika mailinglist: http://lists.myspinach.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/pga-pacifika

other Organizations related to PGA

useful infopools

Anarchist Infos: www.ainfos.ca
Azine Comissão pela Abolição do Capitalismo (Portugal): www.azine.org
Independent Media Center: www.indymedia.org
http://infolivre.mahost.org (português)
Mid-Atlantic Infoshop (DC/ USA): www.infoshop.org
Projekt Interkonti (Berlin, Germany): www.freespeech.org/inter

PGA contact address:
Peoples' Global Action
c/o Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW),377 Bank Street
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada