collective "Resistance and Alternatives" (Rennes, France)

The people coming from Rennes are individual members of a local collective called "Resistance and Alternatives" which gathers activists and artists from various political background on the basis of an anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist philosophy. It was created to federate people around the Organisation of a Festival of Resistance and Alternatives that is taking place all through marsh in Rennes and about 9 other cities in France. The main outcome of the festival has been the opening of a new squatted autonomous center at the occasion of a "reclaim the streets-like-party" on the 10th of marsh.

The collective gathers groups and individuals. Me, Benj and two others are members of Chiche! eco-alternative youth, a nation-wide network which took part indirectly in several PGA activities (Intercontinental caravan in Lyon, and Rennes...), Köln alternative summit and street party, Prague gathering, Zelig Conf' in Paris and finally Nice. We were originally founded in connection with the left of the Green party and other green-alternative movements but evolved in a non-electoralist and anti-capitalistic way over the last two years and officialy from our last coordination camp in september. Our major references today vary from André Gorz eco-socialism to Murray Bookshin's social Ecology and our philosophy of action is inspired by the situationist movement in 68. Our mutation is pretty rare for a Youth movement and most of us are looking with deep interest to groups like RTS, Earth First, Ya Basta and the PGA movement as a whole as new perspectives for reflection and action on the way to social transformation. 'Chiche!' comes from "and you think you're gonna change the world? I dare you!" (Et tu penses que tu vas changer le monde? Chiche!).

With us there will be three people representing the R&A collective for itself. Between them Oswaldo, a new comer in France, is from an indigenous community in Bolivia and is working with us on a project of information center about indigenous communities and social conflicts in the South that should take place in the newly opened squatt.
Another person will be representing another nationwide network, "Libertarian Alternative" which acts for a convergence movement on a libertarian communist basis (Red, Black...and Green).
We all need accomodation in Leoncavallo center.

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